September 19, 2014


Someday Mommy will let me grow up and be a real pirate for the day!

September 18, 2014

Thursday Thankful

Hey efurryone, we have some good news for a change!
We have been reading on a lot of blogs about, and today we set up an account there for my foodies! So in a couple days we will have some more foodies for me.  And you know what the really good news is? It is way cheaper than the delivery service we have now, plus that delivery service (local) can't deliver till next Thursday! And's shipping fee is even cheaper than that local place's delivery charge!
Now Mommy understands why so many bloggers use!
So we are very thankful today.
And we can't forget that it is nice and sunny today, and lots of sunpuddles!
Why can't we see the mailbean from here, Mommy? I'm waiting for my first shipment of foodies!

September 16, 2014

Tummy Tuesday

Mommy says I'm getting "fluffy". Uh-oh.
I think I may be in trouble.
But Tuxies Rule!

September 14, 2014

Easy Sunday

Get your Easy on, all!

September 12, 2014

Finally Friday!

Whew! what a week. Mommy has been feeling yucky and the bug guys were here again.  This time the building manager accompanied them, and said that the bug problem was slowly being taken care of, but would never really end, so they were going to keep spraying.
The bug guy asked where I was, and Mommy said she really didn't know. The bug guy said his kitties were the same.  They had lots of out of the way places, too, to snooze!
Any way, I was snoozing in my shelf.
It has gotten colder this week, and mommy has been snuggling with me in bed some.  She looked at me funny this morning, and not ha ha funny but confused funny. She wondered why I was laying on the daybed close to the cold wall.  Silly mommy, the heat thingy is also next to the bed!
Have a beautiful weekend, all, and, and, I hate saying this, it's too soon, but here it is: Stay warm!
love ya all,

September 7, 2014

Easy Sunday

Yup, got my easy on. Wishing you the same!

September 2, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday

Tuxies Rule.
The internet sucks.
We've been having "intermittent problems".
Hopefully they are fixed???
Cross your paws!
Hey at least its not Blogger's fault!
For once.

August 30, 2014

Saturday's Sweetheart

 Who can resist kittens?
Prepare to squee at little Gunnar!
We love kittens! This one is adorable.
Well, we all are when we are kittens, right?

August 29, 2014

Friday and the Commentathon

We are heading over to Sparkle's blog to honor her and to raise some green papers for Tabby's Place. Since we are unable to give green papers to this worthy place, ourselves, we are commenting, as that will help the cause!  If that is all you can do, it is a small thing to comment, but as Glogirly said, small things can add up to big things. If you are able to, contribute green papers, too.
See you soon.
Go. Now. Comment on her blog. This means you. Scoot.  Let's honor Sparkle and all she has done for kitties by doing something for kitties. What are you waiting for? Carry on!
QUINN and Mom Carol