June 23, 2018

Latest Stuff!

You won't believe what happened to Mommy!!!
No, no, no! Nothing bad!
When we got our grocery delivery there was this big box of fruit. Now Mommy had ordered some plums, and she got them. But she didn't order all this fruit! She, being the good Mommy that I love, called the store and told them about this mistake.  They thanked her for her honesty.  She said she just didn't want someone to miss part of their order.
They said to keep the box.
Wasn't that nice?   She got rewarded for being honest!
Now if someone had ordered a big box of pizzas or kitty foodies or something I would have been ecstatic.  But it was nice for Mommy, all the same.
Now you won't believe what happened to me!!!
No, no, no! Again nothing bad!
I got my Chewy box!!  That was super for me.  Even if it was my normal order and I knew what was in it, it was all mine!
Mommy has a couple of pointments next week and FINALLY they are coming back with the ransomed totes and stuff.  On next Friday.  Totally unacceptable but about Hhrrmph time! My little bed will be mine again!
Just so Mommy remembers on Monday to call in her meal order a day early because of the holiday coming up.  You know, that loud National Holiday with the boomers.
Did I tell you she gets lunches now during the week? From a nice place with good foodies for her that are really good tasting?  I can tell by the whiffies! Her new insurants pays for it. Oh, and they also pay for someone to come and do nice stuff for her feets. They have already been here once.
I,  of course, get my Furminator and tummy rubs and foodies and water and she spoils me with kissies, so it's nice she gets spoiled a little, too.
Now if we only had that new wheelie chair and found a nicer place to live and Mommie had some more green monies so she won't "overdraft" at her bank and can do some nice stuff. She already bought new oven mitts.
Did you think we went  on some vacation??? Just new oven  mitts!
When they come next Friday I think we get the go-ahead to finally get a new housekeeper so Mommie doesn't have to worry about that kind of stuff, cleaning and stuff. So all she will have to worry about is making my foodie bowl have foodies in it, my water bowl clean and full and my litter box is taken care of regularly and I get petted and cuddled and Furminated all the time. She just has to take care of ME!
Won't that be nice?
Love ya all!
Quinnie Makayla

June 19, 2018

Tuxie Tuesday Update

Our new a/c is quite the thing.  It has a remote!  It also has a temperature control and a special energy thing that turns it off when it is cool enough and comes on without touching it when it needs to turn on to maintain the cool. Now we have several remotes for stuff here and the pile is growing.
What will they think of next?
Maintenance here is holding some of our stuff, and they are going to retreat it sometime this week.  One of the items is MY LITTLE BED! So I have to use my kitty tree or my carrier or my big bed (Mommy calls  it hers--Hmmph) or the (my) office chair.  And we still have mounds of bags full of stuff. While Mommy hates this, and it makes it hard to get to the bathroom and bedroom for her it is fun for me!
Most of the kitchen stuff is put back (not all) and Mommy even found my old water dish! I like the one I have now (it's one of Mommy's ceramic bowls).
We  still don't have Mommy's new chair. And Mommy is running out of foodies. Don't panic.  She  gets her "ssi" monies in a couple days.
Yes, it is hot out, but the new a.c thingie works really well, so we are okay. And Mommy (so far)  doesn't have to go anywhere this week.  She is having groceries delivered when she gets her monies. Next week she has pointments and stuff. But this week it's just Mommy and Me!
The Trout Town gang has me thinking.  A mushroom pizza with lots of cheezes and a perch fishie layer, too! Yummmmm. And  don't forget the catnip flavoring, too!
Happy Tuxie Tuesday!
Hope all of you lucky enough to have daddies had a lovely Sunday.
Love ya,

June 13, 2018

Still hard at work

Well I spent a looooonnnnnnggg time Tuesday looking out at the traffic from the community room.  Pretty boring. Cars, but not a lot of birdie tv.  Then when we came back home it was sooooooo hot in the partment I spent a lot of time laying next to the front door trying to get a cool breeze (there wasn't one). Mommy's working hard on getting things settled.  She finally has our bed finished (except for the bed pillow--she hasn't found that yet). My little bed hasn't shown up yet!
She's trying to get ready for our new a/c. Sheesh!   Mouses!  What a lot of stuff we have.  I'm having fun crawling underneath the bags of clothes and blankets and stuff in the bedroom.
And the quilt is back on the bed. No more hiding under the winter flannel sheets! About time, wouldn't you say? Especially with all the hot weather....
Anyone close want to come over and help Mommy??
Bring pizza (she doesn't know I said that).
With all this work her numbers (remember she's a diabetic) are great, so a few carbs won't hurt her. Don't forget the mushrooms (for ME).
And a little nip couldn't hurt.
Love ya,
Quinnie Makayla
yawn... I need another nap. Watching Mommy is hard work.

June 10, 2018

News, news, news!

Mommy and I are camping out for the next several days. All her clothes and the kitchen stuff is all packed up.  Are we moving? NOT YET. They had peoples come in and do that and to clean everywhere.  They were nice peoples, and liked kitty cats. One even picked me up and cuddled me! They burned some coffee beans on the stove cause they said it would refresh the air.  Guess it worked, so maybe your mommies and daddies can do that, too.
Anyway, my bed has been washed, Mommy's bed is naked except for bags and bags of stuff, all the kitchen stuff is in totes and peoples aren't coming back till Tuesday!
Tuesday we will be "tented" and they will  do another heat treat.  We don't really know why, except management here wants to irritate us and inconvenience us, cause there aren't any bugs here.
Mommy gets to open a bag up and get some clothes till Tuesday and towels so she can shower, but then the bags have to be closed again. We also got a pan for Mommy to cook with, and Mommy got one of the guys to find her can opener.
Well, that's not the end, but the rest is good news:
Tuesday evening there is  meeting and they are replacing all the garbage foods with healthier choices and peoples get to vote on what they like in the vending machines.
Thursday they are  coming in all the partments and giving us brand new air conditioners!
Maybe this place isn't so bad.
I do want my bed back. They washed all the good furs off it! I have some shedding to do!
Love ya!

May 25, 2018

Finally Friday

It has gotten muggy.
And the temps are going to be in the 90's for the weekend.  Mommy has been cleaning and she had everything but the bathroom cleaned by her dinnertime Thursday. That and of course my litterbox. And the laundry.
So everything is done and they will come and find us today and hopefully it all will go smoothly.
Then this evening we get foodies delivered. Mommy's grocery order.
Thank you to those of you who stopped in and kept me company Wednesday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mommy enjoyed the extra furs around here (tee hee) when she got home.
Mommy it was so NOT my furball on the bedroom floor! (sh, friends, I do believe it was--she needs to Furminate me even more, not that I mind).
Have a good long weekend, those of you who can. Keep cool.
Love ya,

May 23, 2018

It has been cuddle weather for a couple of days, but the weather nuts have said it is going to get muggy and hot soon. Hope the a/c thingy works cause we haven't had to use it yet!
Mommy is going to another eye appointment today. With her new insurants she can get a free ride to the doctors and home, so she has scheduled that. We'll wait and see how the rides are.
Mommy talked to her new "care co-ordinator" yesterday and she told mommy she is going to get a new chair or this one repaired shortly.  And with a new company. Hooray, we hope.
The major clean up is delayed. Since we have new insurants it is responsible for the clean up now, not housing, and that takes "paperwork". So mommy is being inspected on Friday with the understanding that it will not be perfect, so please don't kick us out! Mommy is going  to do her best. Mostly it is regular cleaning, anyway. Only real problem is where the old freezer was. Yucky.
She made spaghetti this last weekend and the sauce got all over and she had to clean it all up, so the stove is spotless and one less thing to worry about.
So the weather is heating up and it is the holiday weekend coming up.
I slept through most of the Royal Wedding stuff. How about you?  We are anglophiles in this home,  don't cha know (that means mommy likes British stuff). So it was a nice sleep??
Why do humans cry at weddings?  They are supposed to be happy times!
Can't wait for Mommy to get home today. Anyone want to come over and keep me company for a while?
love ya,

Quinnie Makayla

May 13, 2018

May 8, 2018

Tuxie Tuesday

We had a wonderful day yesterday! The windows were open, Mommy came home in the early afternoon from her pointment and the pharmacy. I got rubbies and stuff (well, actually she's getting pretty good with the rubbies and brushies and even bottle water most of the time!)
She feels much better and has a couple of  days left to take her medicines for her sickies. She has new insurance and since she's now considered an old lady (sorry, Mom) she gets help with medicines and can go back to her insulin pens that she had to give up a couple of  years ago because they were too much green papers.  She said years ago when she began to take insulin they didn't have pens, so the bottles didn't bother her going back to them, but she is glad she can go back to the pens. They are more convenient!
She said it was wonderful being able to sit outside and wait for her rides yesterday. Everyone is enjoying not seeing snow around here!
She has already been on the phone today with her new health plan and is meeting with a coordinator and her caseworker on Thursday morning.
Someone who worked at the grocery store attached to the pharmacy came up to her when she was going to the pharmacy and said her wheelchair had a problem with one of the wheels and she should have it looked at. Does that mean she will finally get a lectric one???
Patience, Mommy!
The sun went away this morning and the weather nuts on tv said rain is coming. Can I pout now? Just don't shut the windows, Mommy! I better go get some more window whiffies in just in case!
love ya,
Quinnie Makayla
Tuxies rule!!!!

May 6, 2018

Sunday News

­čś╣Mommy had to go to the hospital again yesterday. She had a big infection and hurted a lot. she came home really late and was much much better. But tomorrow she has to go to the clinic to get some test results back and maybe change some medicine she got last night. She gave me my usual massages last night (as late as it was) and this morning and a nice long brushie with my Furminator today cause I am shedding in this warmer weather like crazy.
I am so relaxed and pretty now. And Mommy isn't in pain anymore.
love ya,
Quinnie Makayla