May 21, 2016

Saturday Stuff

Okay, guys and gals. Blogger ate my whole blog entry today.  Trust me it was a good one. But somehow I am not in the mood to recreate it.
I was in a good mood. Here, blog entry, here blog entry!
love ya all anyway,

May 14, 2016

Diary of a Kitty

I suppose you have heard the news. No internet till the 12th Our modem (NOT THAT OLD) bit the dust. So I told Mommy we could record the highlights and publish them when we got on line:
Friday May 6th.
The temp went up to 92 degrees Fahrenheit today. NOT early May at all. Whew! And we received notice today that next Wednesday they will be doing the spraying thing because one of our neighbors (NOT US) has ewww bedbugs. They plan on inspecting all the partments around the infested partment (now that is being SMART) so WE don't get them, and treat our partments, too, as a precaution. That means Mommy has to stay home because I have to be kenneled and removed for at least an hour and we have no idea when. Could be morning or afternoon. The cable guy (or girl) comes Thursday, so that very necessary pointment won't be bothered and the fixing of our internets can happen!
Saturday May 7th
The temp was much lower today, but still in the 70's. Nothing else going on. Mommy and I are making it through the no internets thing. Barely. Mommy doused her living room fan with something she calls WD-40 in preparation for yesterday. When it rotates it still makes horrible noise. Later on when it gets hot for summer we will have our a/c fixed, and won't need it. Mommy's thinking about putting the fan in my room, only it wouldn't be rotating and making noise.
Sunday, May 8th
Happy Mommy's Day!
Ours wasn't that great. Mommy fell and severely bruised a toe. Gee, she almost made it to the chair! She also managed to scrape the roof of her mouth and there was a huge blood clot. Lunch and dinner was good for her, though. And I did crawl up her arm this morning to sweetly say Happy Mommy's Day before I said NOW FEED ME!
Monday, May 9th
We are getting so desperate about our friends. Still no internets, of course, but we did make one payment over the phone. They said no charge! Now we have one bill left to pay, although we will have to really make two months payments. The first company we dealt with said we would be payed up till July!
Tuesday May 10th
Our friend in the building came and cleaned for us. They have a kitty, too. I, I mean we have a lot of boxes and stuff that is gone, too. They are a nice couple. Every thing is taken care of now.
We are making way for mommy's lectrick chair when it comes! Well, we hope it is lectrick. And the bug guys are coming tomorrow. Somehow they got the info that roaches are attracted to kitties. Not true! The roaches come under the front door from other partments. Now bedbugs I don't know' We do not have any!
As for Mommy, her legs are really not strong any more, and she falls a lot. Waiting for paperwork to get moving!
No! You can't take my chair!

Saturday May14th
Well, we missed a few days. Wednesday Mommy had the bug guys' appointment. They completely messed up the place, dragged (and left) a jacket in wet chemicals, left the floor a mess, told us my sleepy pod was bugged (we mean filled with bugs) and said my chair had to go, too.

Thursday the cable guy came. He told us one of the cords was not plugged in, and he plugged it in. We kept asking the phone ladies how many plugs were there and they kept ignoring us. Hey thanks for no internets for a dumb reason!
Now what about Friday. Well, that was an eye appointment for Mommy. And after that, home and she collapsed. I don't mean fell. I mean it was major nap time for us both! She took a nice long naptime today, too.
Now Mommy got brave and downloaded Windows 10. We are in learning mode. Mommy already found some gadgets that are not on 10 and downloaded them so that we have our little clock and calendar back on our desktop!
Oh, and now the fan "bit the dust" and the weather got cooler anyway so we didn't need it.
Whew! And Mommy asked Barb if there was any other place we could live cause she is tired of all the bug alerts that never seem to stop. She hadn't seen a cockroach in 30 years until she moved here, and never ever saw a bedbug. She's kinda done with all this.
Now you are caught up, sort of.
Oh how we missed you all!
love ya,
QUINN and 
Mommy Carol

May 1, 2016


We have been still mending Mommy at home. She still has a terrible cough and is kinda weak. She went to her own doctor last week and he prescribed an auntie bi ock  tick for her cause he said there is an infection the hospital didn't look at. Her cough is getting better now. After her doctor's visit she went to the health store at the clinic and some dumb kid had is bike in the way and she fell again. At least she didn't fall on her head like the day before! And what was this kid doing with his bike inside?
Her doctor said she needs a wheel chair and some therapy for her legs.
I think it is Mommy's Day today. Sorry we forgot. In case it isn't then well, we know every day is our special Mommy's Day.
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To all our sweet mommies!

April 22, 2016

News! News! News!

HAI! We're baaaaack!

 Mommy came home last night! And they had to call the cute guys from the fire department. That's right. She fell! She got all the way to the elevators. At least the guys were very nice, making sure she didn't want to go back to the hospital. NO!!!
She is thinking maybe it's time to get a wheelchair. Seriously. She's getting awfully tired of falling and she isn't getting any younger. She might break one of these times.
What do you think of that? Can anyone contribute to our Pay Pal?  I can allow her to take over the pay pal account. For a little while, right? I am scared for her safety! She's going slower and slower and actually  kind of shuffling when she walks. And this falling thing? Yuck! She could break something! Anyway, think about it. Fast. Please????
We hate even thinking about this, ourselves, but it is time.
The nurses said we should also get some home help.  And where does this money come from that we do this? As you know, we don't really qualify for medical assistance. I told Mommy she has to talk to Barb today. Maybe she can think of something, too.
Oh, they say the bug guys are coming. Then they say they aren't. The boss sent both letters the same day!! Confusion!! What else is new????
Well, anyway, that's the news in this crazy state of Minnesota....
Thanks for your prayers, everyone!
love ya,

April 19, 2016


Mommy's off to the doctor. If they say go to the hospital there she is.
It took her 2 1/2 hours to get her books this morning. Brain was befuddled.
When she woke up I sat on her. She was coughing and said she was hot, only she was an ice cube!  If she goes to the hospital she gave me extra foodies and water to last a few days.
Update you later if possible.
Nursie Quinn                       

April 17, 2016

The Weekend

Hello! We're here again! The weather has been awesome! Yesterday it got up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit  and lots of sun puddles.  This, for Minnesota, is bizarre weather.  It's more like June!
So remember those two things Mommy had to work on?
Kindle Fire: lovely lady  tried a "parallel remote", meaning she took over Mommy's Kindle from where ever she was. Yes, it took some time, but it now works beautifully! Very pleasant phone call, too!!! The lady went right to work until Mommy was totally satisfied!!!
Insurants: they are going to send her some more documents to sign (paperwork, paperwork). THAT took forever. I swear she spent more time on hold than talking to the agent! And nothing is fixed!
Why didn't they just say in the beginning "we will send you out some forms"?
Everything else? Just a pleasant day Friday and Saturday and this one will be too.  Mommy did some fake brushing on me, cause she knows my furs are okay but brushing still makes my coat shine. So she doesn't really try to strip those nasty loose furs. Lots of petting!!! Lots of purring, which Mommy loves to hear.
Mommy did fall two times, but to be honest it was in the late hours of the night, she had taken pills to sleep, and she woke up needing our "powder room". Twice. Lay off the Dew at night, Mommy! It's not THAT far to the "powder room". The second time in particular she had me pacing by her and meowing.
This week Mommy has the usual chores to do and she needs to run a couple of errands. That's it. She hasn't had time to work on a special project for at least a couple of weeks, so she might have time.
I found a straw to play with, and Mommy thought it was fun to watch. Now I have mousies and other toys, but the straw was kinda cool, if you know what I mean. I lost it again ;-(
I love stretching out on the bed  on my side and soaking up the sun puddles, don't' you?
May fair weather be with you all. Enough of the storms!
love ya,
QUINN Makayla
(and her typist Carol)

April 15, 2016

Clinic Day Came

Hello. Mommy was not in a good mood yesterday morning before she left. Everything she touched went wrong, fell over, anything bad. She got downstairs only to have her Metro a half hour late! It was actually the time she wanted in the first place But was told it wasn't available! Why did she rush around so much?  But the gentleman she rode with was super nice and she felt a lot better. She still got to the clinic early! And got in to take her stitches out and was out of the examining room before her appointment was supposed to start. Believe it! After that she sat and waited a bit before going into the coffee place to have her favorite taco salad. Then, because of the nice weather she sat outside waiting for her Metro. It was lovely out! This metro driver was early. But the ride home was way long. The only saving grace, she said, was that the ride took her by a lot of places that she used to go when she lived in South Minneapolis and used to drive. Lots of things had changed, she said, but some places were still there. So she said it was kind of fun.
When she got home she poured a Diet Dew and crashed on the chair in the living room. She watched an educational program and turned the tv off because she said she was brain dead.  So of course I got to get lovies and help her revive.
Oh, and her hand? The stitches are gone, but the lady vet said to cover the area with a band-aid cause it is still sensitive. Then she told her to massage the area  (It looks yucky) until the loose skin falls off. Eewww!!! This is sposed to take a few days!
Bad thing? She forgot to renew her help with insurance coverage. But that is sort of easy to fix. If you don't mind hours on hold (and I don't. She sits by me and pets me and gives me brushies).
Another bad thing? She has to call and find out what to do about her Kindle (again!!) which is going crazy! That phone call I so do not want to be around for today. Shower stall here I come! 
Window whiffies are wonderful. It truly IS spring. How about that!
Sniff, sniff! aaahhh
love ya,

April 12, 2016



Oh, I know, we have not been here.  Mommy found typing a real chore for days. Her hand is minus the big huge bandage now, but still has a little one. She uses food handler gloves for her right hand when she showers or washes dishes.  She gets her stitches out Thursday. So she is reading (I'm not interested in her latest book) and watching would you believe cartoons?  She says the Justice League was one of her favorite comics  to read when she was like maybe 6 or 7, in the dark ages. And particularly a fan of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. So there are various series about them all on Netflix. and she reads some blogs and tries to comment on a few.
Now for the other medical news: She goes back for her eye treatments shortly...
Now for the sorta medical news: We are running out of green papers again. My dear Chewy box came, thank goodness, but Mommy has her own medical bills (one of her drugs would you believe costs lots and lots of money this year. Here we go again. Any help would be wonderful, but there are lots in need out here on the blogs. But Mommy does need to pay her bills and buy some foods.
Mommy is NOT eligible for any state or county aid. That means no food, no help with rent, she pays for her own insurants, etc., and there is also the care of me. I can't afford insurants. I don't even get an allowance!
Do remember she used to work in the family division of county aid. She applied for help, but was denied. And she knew she would be, but tried any way. She has gone everywhere asking, but there isn't any help. There is extra help with meds, but she has to take more than a dozen. And even after the extra help it is still a lot.
Oh, I do know this is depressing. So sorry. But this is real world stuff!
Now you see why she is watching cartoons that remind her of her youth. And blooper reels. And cat stuff on You Tube. They usually make her smile.
Oh, Mommy, that isn't a lot of bugs on the chair. That's just my beautiful furs!
Have a good Tuxie Tuesday. I think today is national grilled cheese sandwich day.... Yum! Mommy there is still some cheese in the fridge!
love ya,
ps most drug companies won't help you if you already have insurance.

April 2, 2016

Saturday Situation


Mommy's hand was really hurting after the shots wore off Friday morning, and she cancelled her trips to pick up her medications and her insulins.  She got her meds delivered, but has to go today to Walleyworld for her insulins. She just didn't want to go yesterday. She wanted to keep that ice on her thumb!!
But you know what was nice? One of the nursies from the place she had her surgery done actually called Mommy yesterday morning, so she was glad she was home. And the nursie said to take her asprin! At the time Mommy had her thumb on ice, and told the nursie that was what she was doing and she planned to take a pill very shortly. But she said that the pain was a lot better (and it was) on ice. And that was one reason she cancelled her trips.  Ice!
Imagine checking in on her!! What a nice thing to do!!
So that means she'll be gone part of today. I hope that when she gets home she will just SIT.  She said something about her laundry, but I am going to sit on it if she tries to do that!
She had tuna on crackers for dinner last night. I didn't even beg for some! Wasn't I really polite and Nursie-ing? I even sat at her feet after she let me sniff her bandage and I figured out all by myself that she couldn't pet me (normally she uses her right hand and pets me at the side of her chair--oh, what am I saying--MY chair).

So that is my Saturday Situation. Mommy still hurts, but loaded up on her "over the counter pain reliever" and is leaving so that she doesn't have to go insulins-less.
I still think she needs more naps!!! But SIT is better than laundry! Besides, she can't carry anything over 5 pounds. That means me, too! Ooops.
Have a beautiful Saturday!
love ya,

March 31, 2016

Thank You

Mommy is posting this on Wednesday because she won't be home to turn the puter on on Thursday morning as she will be going to her little operation. So thank you for your good thoughts and purrayers in advance.
Friday she has to run some errands, and she can't avoid them. she wishes she could just sleep the day away with me, but these errands are strictly for medicines. As you know, or maybe don't, she has to go to two different pharmacies for her medicines. One delivers, but she won't be home Friday to accept the delivery of that one (they only deliver three times a week) and that is for her regular meds and the other is for her insulin and instead of $$$$$$ they have a special price for $$. That one is Wallyworld, and she needs her insulin, like really she's almost out so she has to use her MetroMobility ride as Wallyworld is in a suburb and they don't deliver.
So anyway, we might not do an update until the weekend. Depends on how Mommy feels.
Anyone want to deliver a pizza tonight or  Friday feel free! I think I will be awfully busy being nursey, and besides, I can't cook for her!). Pizzas we can share. Jimmy John's delivers! Oh, well, the pizza places deliver, too. Just thought about that.
Love ya,
and thanks,