April 15, 2017


Mommy is losing her hair. Really. There is a medical term for it caused by stress, but I can't remember it. Alopecia??
First, things don't get delivered by our postman. Or the boxes look like someone has been playing soccer with them. Wearing steel toed shoes.
 They left an email that an attempt was made the 12th and no one was here. Roll Call on the 12th: Mommy? Here. Karen? Here! They have so many complaints at the local USPO!Who wasn't here? Quinnie? No I was Here.  (A lot of them are important like our medical supplies or new checks for mom. Or statements for rent, or the folic acid we were advised to start on because my mommy's hair is falling out. And they think of lots of stuff to add all the time to our rules here.
Oh, and then A*l screwed up mom's account which means we didn't pay the rent yet. And so did F*******t. They have us with payments for 4 months! And won't give any back. We weren't 4months past due. It was our error. But because they got such a big payment they are waiting a long time to return it.
Speaking of rules, they added more stuff to living here that Mommy can't possibly do. Google is doing it's part making us sign in to blogger and some other accounts. And Meals on Wheels forgot to give us our lunch on Wednesday. But the lady apologized very nicely and before we could ask for credit, she suggested it. That was an excellent  save, mommy said.
And now it's the week end.  Thank you God for giving Mommy the patience to survive this week. Amen.
It was Black Friday, yesterday. Thank you Jesus for all your help on the world's behalf. We certainly need it!

March 30, 2017

We have been having technical problems this week so we apologize for not being here. We were fine, so don't worry there.  But it was computer and electrical Stuff.





PS. Problems included the whole computer set-up and my floor lamp and one of my land phones. Eek! Karen came over Wednesday and helped figure everything out. I still don't know what was wrong, but Karen solved the problem. Now, anyone whose phone number I had I don't anymore. Except for ones that are on my cell. And that was mostly for Metro rides and "family" members. You know, the "family" who bitched me out for being in the hospital a while back and offered no sympathy at all.
Thank you all of you who are clearly better family than I have ever had. Although any of your phone numbers I had have disappeared. Feel free to call and give me your numbers again.  I miss YOUR phone calls! We love you.