March 23, 2020


Another Saturday.   ⃗๐Ÿ˜ท   And this is how everyone looks.
But we are not crazy  yet
no, cable was out for 2 DAYS.
YES this is MONDAY!!!
And now Mommy has some stuff she needs to do on here so I have to let her.

March 14, 2020

Saturday night.

Well,  hello!
Mommy and me are settling into our new home. We don't have everything unpacked yet, but enough that we love it. And they are so far really cool here.  Mommy's birthday was Thursday and the management here put a birthday greeting on our door!
We need a few things. Of course. More lamps. A new bathmat. A new comforter or spread. A recycle bin. New sheets (we have a twin), A vacuum  cleaner (we have carpet) and one of those floor washers for carpet.
Mommy doesn't even  have a light in the bedroom.
Her glucose monitor and blood pressure machine did show up. So those are cool and working.
Well, we love it here, And this is finally HOME.
Now if Mommy could find her camera you could see everything......

February 29, 2020

WE ARE HOME!!!!!!!!

Well, we made it. We are in our new home!!
There are boxes all over. But the place is HUGE compared to the other place.  And people are so friendly! They are still unpacking stuff. and we have carpeting!!!
Maybe Mommy  will let us have a party!
More later!

February 26, 2020

this place is weird. boxes all over the place.  We are so lost!!!!!!!!!!
Packers came yesterday.  They packed EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
including the food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, mommy's food anyway.


February 18, 2020

Our new home

This is a picture of our  new building. Yes, it's another high rise, but we are going to be on the 4th floor and I will be able to see stuff better and watch the birdies.
We are packing next Tuesday and moving day is the 28th.
There is so much to do!!
Quinnie Makayla
nobody mention the shots, okay???

February 13, 2020

AND NOW.....

mommie signed the new lease on our NEW place!!we are moving on the 28th.   And after we are settled in, even more good news:
mommies lectric chair is coming!!
 we need help with moving ,we need green paper help.  But this isn't up to me or mommie. If you want to do something it has to be cause you want to.

this has been a long dark time 

sunshine is glorious.

Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.

Quinnie and Mommie

Wait, mommie says something about shots......

February 5, 2020

Start of the story

๐Ÿ˜ฟWell, it has been a long dreadful time. And we now can tell some of it. Both of us have been sick. Me because of Mommy.  She was not doing well so I had to be extra nursie. Kidney stones for Mommy and her heart ttacked her.  She fell a lot. Management sd that she had too much stuff. Too much clutter, Not clean enough.
Cat stinks Mommy smells. It went on and on. Every time she attended to a problem there was another. I STINK?????
Her diabetes was out of control, so was her blood pressure.
The craziness went zooming. Never an end??????? 
Quinnie  Makayla

January 21, 2020


any buddy out there?
any kitty or woofie remember Me?

July 15, 2019

My Weekend

what a wonderful weekend I had.  My mommy gave me a whole body massage. Well, it wasn't hours and hours, but almost one! Almost every inch of my body. Even my toesies! And my ears and my tail!
I was so relaxed afterwards I just fell asleep. Heatwave?  What heatwave???
I recommend my Mommy!

June 29, 2019

Saturday Stuff

We are in a heat wave the weatherbeans on tv say. Well, we got a new a/c coolie thingie last summer, and we are comfy. Still gotta keep drinking water and keeping cool. And remembering our less fortunate friends. Please be kind.
Mommy has done a marathon watching thing with North Woods Law. 6 seasons. Took over a week. We love the woods and the animals, and really learned to appreciate those Fish and Game Wardens.  They are really dedicated. Mommy particularly likes a Sergeant Glen Lucas in New Hampshire. He, like other wardens, not only takes care of wild things but also goes on searches for lost people.
This weekend is a part of the 4th of July celebration. We heard a couple fireworks go off last night. But they don't bother me much. Hope you all find comfort if the noise bothers you.
Mommy is spending the next couple of weeks with lots of medical stuff. Sigh. Tests and ppointments and stuff keep her running okay. Well. not running. Wheeling?
love y'all.