April 11, 2014

Finally Friday

It has been a long week. I don't even remember Monday. We got this weird thing on rollers filled with stuff that Mommy took downstairs Tuesday. [laptops] That's the day she goes and watches computers. For hours and hours.  It's called volunteering to be a computer monitor. Humans and their words!
Tuesday was also the night of the resident council meeting, so mommy was gone for that, too. But she came back with a little "hamm sammich" and shared.
Wednesday she had another meeting to attend, but it was for a shorter time. Thursday she had another meeting (it's all this volunteer stuff). Today I got shoved into the PTU cause we got sprayed for bugs and I had to wait until it dried before I could walk around. Safety first!
We have little monitors that have been spread around the partment that count bugs or something. I have left them alone like a good kitty. Boring anyway. And while mommy has her next volunteering to be a computer monitor day (next Tuesday) they are going to come back and pick up these little monitors.These little monitors have been here a couple weeks already.
Mommy being a computer monitor is different. Downstairs they have laptop computers for residents' use. So she gets to watch so nobody steals them when they are out. 
Anyway, it is finally the end of the week and I have Mommy til that dreaded volunteer time on Tuesday. At least residents' meetings are only once a month!
It has been lovely weather this week, even a high of 71F. Lots of the snow has melted. Of course the weatherman said more is coming, but it will melt right away.
*sigh* Promises, Promises!
It started out to be a grey yucky day but the sun DID come out and it smells nice. Those open windows!
Have a great weekend,
love ya,
(and happy belated birthday to Marg!)

April 5, 2014


Yesterday wasn't all bad. The sun finally did come out, but while some of the snow went away, we still have some around. Today, however, is starting out sunny (but a little cold), so cross your paws, everyone, that yucky snow will stay away!
The sun makes it so warm in here Mommy opened a window a paw width yesterday and it's still open!
Mommy never catches me window watching (I'm sneaky, usually there's nothing on, and usually only do it in my room if something is on), but she caught me!
Can I help it there was a black ropey thing swinging in front of the window? I don't get much bird TV up here above the trees! A girl's gotta watch what she can!
Anyway, it's Caturday.
Purrfect for napping! So have a good relaxing Caturday!
And if that stupid snow comes back, phfffffft!
love ya,

ps. Is anyone else having trouble with getting to the Cat Blogosphere site? Did they move and not tell anyone??? All I get are error messages. Should we be patient and wait for them to straighten this out? Thanks for any info!

April 4, 2014

Friday Fooey!

I would have a picture up of the weather today, but it would look like this:


Right now we can't see anything outside our windows but WHITE! There's a snowstorm outside our windows!
So this is what I am doing today:

And you know why?

This is what I am beginning to look like!

Take care, all. Try to have a good Friday!
love ya!

March 31, 2014

Monday Mutters

We are powerful!
'Nuff said!

March 28, 2014

Finally Friday

Yesterday was nasty. Rain most of the day, and it turned to snow. And mommy had to go to the clinic (with transportation  and 'lunch' it takes hours and hours!). Mommy says their cafeteria is very good and they serve lots of healthy options. She says she loves the fact that they have fresh fruits, and a banana tops off her lunch nicely. Sandwiches always come with an option of fresh veggies on the side. Don't worry, junk foodies, they also have cookies! And potato chips! But they also have pictures of food groups that are healthy all around, and hopefully that gets more humans to think about what they are eating.
Anyway, today it is sunny:
And if mommy thinks she's going anywhere this weekend this is where I will be:
Right by the front door so she can't go!
Well, maybe I'll let her go to get the mail. And maybe church. But that's IT!
I need scritchies and rubbies and the Furminator (I love my Furminator!!). So Mommy is warned, kitty needs cuddles and love this weekend!
Have a wonderful cuddly weekend, all! Purrs for those who aren't doing so well!
Love ya,

March 25, 2014

Tuesday Tuxie and Toesie!

It is cold out yet again.  We actually had less than a half an inch of snow yesterday. But at least it is starting out sunny today. Which is very nice for my Tuxie and Toesie Tuesday!
Tuxies Rule!

March 16, 2014

Easy Sunday

Baby, it's cold outside, but have an Easy Sunday anyway.  "They" keep promising Spring is on its way!

March 12, 2014

Wordy Wednesday!

 Yes, thank you, Mommy had me snuggling this morning and telling her Happy Birthday. And she had fun playing with Da Bird with me!
Last night was a resident council meeting, and she got volunteered to work in the new computer lab in the Community Room.  But she really doesn't know anything about laptop computers. We don't have one, you see. I would love it if we did, cause then Mommy and I could snuggle better when we read blogs and stuff.  And she could read her books (we download from the library) anywhere.  Like at the waiting room of the doctor's office. Anyway, she has to go to a meeting tomorrow afternoon about it. :-(  And no, she doesn't get to have her own laptop by volunteering.
Today she had planned to go out to lunch or something, but she doesn't have the money right now. She did get a card in the mail yesterday from one of her sisters. And one of her brothers has called her three times this week to talk and remember her birthday.  It's not hard for him to remember, cause Mommy shares her birthday with his oldest daughter! Mommy just wishes he lived closer and they could "hang out".
It is nice and sunny today, but it's back to being colder. A couple of days ago it was 53 degrees Fahrenheit now it's 21.  That's minus 6 for you who use Celsius!  We actually had window whiffles! Yes, Mommy had the windows open! But not today! But the sunpuddles are getting warmer! There's hope for spring! Mommy changed the background on our computer today.  It was glass all frosted over.
Now it's a summer picture of the Minnehaha Falls. All green stuff instead of snow stuff!
 Don't know what else is happening today.  I'm letting Mommy get back to her book soon. That's all I know.
Somebody send her a laptop? Like that's going to happen!
Take care, everyone. Spring is coming! Someday??

March 9, 2014

Easy Sunday

Have an Easy Sunday, all!
Love ya,