November 21, 2014

Friday Update

Just a quick note late on Friday (well, actually not really late, but a lot later than we usually post). Mommy did very well on this round of tests, and still has more on Monday.
I have been a good girl (of course--shhh) and snuggled with her when she got home before I let her up to write this for me.
Tomorrow morning she gets coffee. Yea!!!!! And she can drink coffee before she goes in on Monday, too. She couldn't today.  All she had was water. Halfway through the test she got a small diet soda and some graham crackers. Then afterwards she went to their cafeteria at the hospital for lunch. She likes their food. No, she didn't bring me any left overs. That's okay. We're having chick-hen for dinner!
love ya,

November 19, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

Yes, I know. It seems like we are hiding out or something. Well, in this picture I guess I am.  It's my new box and it's in the living room, so I can be private but still close to Mommy. Can you see me?
Mommy has several tests she needs to take. I thought she was waaayyy done with school! But she told me they were tests for her heart, and she had to go to the human vets for them.  She's had two, and she's having more on Friday and again on Monday.
So we are dreadfully behind in writing posts and reading your postings. I'm trying to make Mommy catch up. So if you get comments from us on an older post, that's why.
It is very very cold here, and I hate to see Mommy go out in this weather, but she says she is only out for a minute or two before she gets in her ride, so that's not bad.
We are having a constant fashion show here (I miss it , of course) of all the woofies showing off their sweaters and coats before they go on their walkies. We hope that all kitties and woofies can stay warm this winter. It's starting off pretty brutal!
We are loving our new living room. I will, in the coming days, show you my new places to sit and sleep and stuff.  Stay tuned! Mommy's got that wicked camera out a lot!
Please remember to think of Mommy on Friday and Monday as she goes in for her tests.

Nice Wordy Wednesday, huh?
Keep warm (or cool as the case may be).
love ya,

We know there is a long list of four leggeds and two leggeds who need help right now. Please, think kind thoughts, healing thoughts, nice prayers for everyone. Thank you. We will do the same!

November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014

Monday Mutters

We have to add to Sunday's Blessings: We are both at home watching the snowy crap from the inside of our cozy refuge!
Yeah, Winter hit. The cold hit. But Mommy doesn't have any real appointments until Friday. She could go run errands, but she really doesn't have to.  And right now we don't have the green papers. I have a Chewy delivery coming very shortly and that has to be paid for. So we are both home!
Stay warm. Stay inside. The woofies who need to go walkies, you keep safe!

love ya,
Mommy Carol

November 9, 2014

Blest Sunday Offering

Welcome to our Blest Sunday offering! Thank you, Dezi and Lexi for this special occasion!
First of all, IT'S MY SECOND GOTCHA DAY!  
Mommy and I have been together two whole years. I am so thankful I found my mommy!
This blog has been going for several years, and we are thankful that we have so many friends on here!
You make us want to come back day after day. We don't always post, but we are constantly reading and catching up, and we do comment when we can.
We are blest by all of you!
Now more blessings:
This is what we were sleeping on (minus the mattress and stuff). A broken bed. What? You didn't believe us? You should have!
We were given a new bed, and some quilting church ladies gave us a patchwork quilt! Mommy has wanted one, and it is beautiful! And comfy.  Blest again!
Well, our next blessing was a chair to replace our daybed:
And now in our living room we have chairs instead of that dumb daybed. This is Mommy's rocking chair, that was in the bedroom before:
And the little corner of a table? You see on the lower left? That was in mommy's closet cause there was no room for it before with the daybed. The legs screw on, and it was easy to do. It was broken down for easier storage before. Not broken. Taken apart!
Oh, and the tv stand was replaced (it was only propped up cause two legs were broken). It's a little wobbly, but we think it is a lovely thing:
Pardon the dust. It was more important to get everything settled than dusting!
This is what we have been working on and busy with.  The bedroom is not totally arranged yet. We were blest to be given these things to help our home become more of a home.  Mommy says it feels more like a living room than every before. And I can vouch for the nice comfy bed!
Those of you who contribute to our paypal account, you have been such a blessing, too! We know that there are lots of those who need help besides us, and we are so thankful for those who are able to give. The green papers are very helpful since we are on a limited budget! I get better food, better litter, where do you think my own little bed and my toys came from?  I am so blessed that you think of us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Every little amount you can contribute adds up and helps us!
It's been requested that we do an Amazon wish list. But we just have lists (mine, Mommy's, and others) that we added to our pages. Check them out, help if you can. With any of the lists!!
Blessings, blessings, blessings. Good friends and warm hearts.
We are sending you the good warm fuzzies, of course!
love ya,

November 7, 2014

Finally Friday

Mommy and I have been busy. Good busy. All will be revealed soon.  Our place is sort of "under construction" for a bit. "Our place" means home. And no we are NOT moving!

In other news, well, nothing else really is going on.  It has gotten colder, of course, and we take every sunny day we can. Currently it is NOT a sunny day, this lovely "head shot" is from a sunny day.

I think this lovely shot of me should be on all my blog posts. Do you agree? Or is that too vain? Well, maybe it should be darker, cause in this picture I kinda look a little like my angel sister, brandi, who is gray and white, and I am black and white. Lots more pictures to look over!

Back to snoopervising Mommy!
love ya,

November 3, 2014

Monday Mutters

We hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween! We had lots of Halloweeny pictures (none of me! Thank you, Mommy) and stuff to share. But Halloween turned out fairly quiet and mellow. Saturday and Sunday, too. I actually did a nice thing for Mommy this morning. She found me next to her head this morning, being really quiet and all lovey when she woke up. I usually wait for her to wake up before I jump up on the daybed. But I fooled her this morning. And she was lovey back!

I think there's something to this lovey stuff. Might have to do it more often. I get rubbies and strichies a lot, and even once in a while I'm in the mood for a nice belly rub. But nothing as lovey as today. When she got up she actually fed me first! First! Usually she does her medicine stuff first and her shot. Wow!

Notice I said fairly quiet. Except for a lady knocking on the door looking for some guy named "Butch" and a campaign worker wanting to talk about a certain candidate for office (no names because we don't publicly want to support anyone on my blog except Dory for Blogville Mayor). It just so happens Mommy likes the candidate and feels he does a good job, so she told the worker she didn't need any paper stuff on the candidate and told him she already has decided to vote for him. She shooed the worker away very quickly with a nice smile. No paper stuff!

In utter mutter news: Don't forget, my Gotcha Day is November 9th and I have been here two whole years! That makes me three.
I'm testing out a different box, so I will let you know soon whether I want to keep it. It is smaller than my condo, but not a bad hidey place!
love ya,

October 29, 2014

Wordy Wednesday!

Hi, there! Guess what, guess what?? The SOUND is fixed on our computer!!! We had a gentleman come and clean all our floors (he moved stuff like the freezer!!) and he also figured out the sound on our computer!! He and his wife live here in the building, are owned by a cat (!) and are very helpful people. We are blessed! I went back and visited all the videos on the blogs to hear them, too!
We got our free cell phone, but the charger is broke, so we tried Amazon and spent around $5 to replace it, and should have it by November 4th. That's not bad. Now if Mommy could figure out out to use it! She can't figure out how to create a contact list or access it. I suppose she'll figure it out. After she fully charges the phone!
Mommy went to the clinic Monday, and Tuesday she had to go run an errand downtown. She is home today, supposedly doing laundry (ha!) and picking up stuff so that the bug guys can come tomorrow (again, ha!) That means she will be up early tomorrow cleaning the litterbox again, and sweeping the floors and taking the garbage out.
Oh, and one not so nice thing about the gentleman that helped us? He's the one that carried out my condo!! Hisssssss!
I splatted the downgraded box she left for me, but I am also using it under protest.
Now you are all caught up.
Now my friends, Halloween is coming. And I am one of the lucky ones there. No costume to wear! And we don't get trick or treaters, either. They come to the main floor, and if you want to go down and give out candy and see all the cute costumes, you may. Nice idea for those who can't afford to buy stuff, and a nice idea for those who still want to see the little ones in their costumes. And nice idea for the animal residents here! Peace!
And Happy National Cat Day! As if every day wasn't Cat Day!
Love ya,

October 25, 2014

Caturday News

Mommy did a horrible thing yesterday. Horrible!!!! She threw my condo away!!!! I've been evicted!! Oh, she left another box, but it is a horrible downsize! What's a girl to do??
I'm holding fast to our broken bed. She's not taking this away, is she? I've heard rumors! 
Oh, and see our pretty cover?  Mommy doesn't like it, but I think it is just comfy enough! That isn't leaving, is it?
Oh, and the new phone should be here next week sometime. She can't wait to use the free long distance! And Mommy got a pressie from someone very nice! A Keurig! Thank you! That made her happy! Did you know you could make tea or cocoa in one? Not just coffee! Cool.
Mommy has to go back to the doctors on Monday. *sniff* I wish she would get better.
We still haven't figured out the computer sound. Mommy misses her videos!
Last night the tv table crumbled to the floor, but mommy caught the tv and propped up the table again.
Thank you to those of you who left a little pressie in our paypal account! Mommy is saving for some furniture (we need some!) and paying her medical stuff with it. Oh, and I need some Cat Attract litter, which we are totally out of. I do not like Tidy Cat! That's what we are left with!!
Hope you have a beautiful fall weekend (or spring for those Down Under). We even have window wiffies today, with windows open!!
Love ya,