December 1, 2007

Really, Really Snowy

This is what it looked like outside our windows this afternoon. Lots of snowy stuff out there. Mama gotted a friend to give her a ride to the shoe store and she got some nice boots for her feeties. She also gotted to go to the Swedish Institute this afternoon, which is a mansion and a museum near the college where she used to work, and they are all decorated up for the holiday season and very very pretty. And then she gotted a ride to the grocery store so she could buy some foodies. So now we are all snuggly here, and she doesn't go back to work till Monday

And oh, yes, sorry mama for waking you up early this morning. How was I supposed to know it was not a work day for you. I just wanted you to not be late for work!

And somebody at mama's work decided she wanted a Blogosphere Calendar, too. In honor of her grandbabykitty.

Stay warm, and

"If you come to Minnesota, bring warm clothes" and good booties!



Sunny's Mommy said...

Wow. That's a lot of snow. I'm glad your Mama got her boots. It sounds like you both had a very good weekend. Well except for you waking her up early by mistake ;-) I'm sure she's over that by now.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Hi, Brandi. Abut waking her up.

Just remind your mama that one of the nicest things about a day off is you can wake up, turn off the alarm, and go straight back to bed.

Sometimes that is nicer even than sleeping straight through.

THE ZOO said...

boy we wish we had some of that here. it luks grate.