February 3, 2008

Sunday AGAIN?

YUP! And mama did NOT spend most of yesterday with me. She went out with a friend to run some errands. Well---she did get me some new kitty litter....

But last night we snuggled, and today we spend time together, so I guess that makes up for yesterday. The weather has been warmer. It's 23 degrees out right now! Yea!

She has class all this next week, and then next week she just goes to work. Oh, and yes, next week she finally gets to give away her blood again. She really feels good about that. It has always been her way of giving back, even when we were poor and in a crappy place. She hopes a lot of you decide to do this. Hey, Valentine's Day is coming. We heart, so why not give blood, cause that's a way of giving heart?? Anyway, that's my mama. And she thinks it's cool that the county she works in thinks so too and has these blood drives.

Well, that's it. But the buggie man gets to come back this week. He was really nice last time, so, I don't mind. But if a certain sweetie wants to come over and protect me, well....

love to all,


Kaz's Cats said...

Brandi, Well we don't know how your mom could go out instead of snuggling with you, but we're glad that she came to her senses later on. It's very nice of your mom to give her blood away - our mum says that's a very important thing to do.

Hope the buggie man takes care of you when he visits,


Gypsy & Tasha

Sunny's Mommy said...

Oh my goodness, warmed up to 23?! That's still bitterly cold to me. I feel bad for your Mama having to go out in that.

Parker said...

It's nice of your Mom to do that. My Mom did it twice, but it made her diabetes all whacked. Now she does other stuff to help people.

Anonymous said...

"Boy" your mom's really busy. Hopefully she'll be able to relax and snuggle you some more soon.