July 12, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Just a quick one. We may update later.

It isn't me that is smelly. Or my litterbox. It is the bean litterbox. They announced on the news that some of the water in our city smells and tastes bad. Oh, it's safe, it just stinks to drink it or smell it. Whew. I thought my taste and my smell was off or something. Mama puts down the seat on her litterbox and the smell doesn't get as bad. It was the open toilet bowl and the smelly water from the city. She started giving me bottled water.

Oh, yeah. We had really bad stormies last night with lots of flashies and boomies. I mean lots and lots of flashies. I hid under the bed and came out when it was over.

Lots of love, see ya all later,


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh goodness! we had that happen here once after a sewer problem. yuck. you keep yourself away from that bean litterbox sweetie!

i'm sorry the boomies scared you dear Brandi. next time we can hide under the bed together and hold paws. i don't like boomies either, but i would feel better with you by my side.

Sweet Praline said...

I didn't think the odor was you! Let's hope the water gets better soon.

We had bunches of loud thunder boomer storms last week. One night it was so bad, both Mom and I jumped. She held me for a long time in case we needed to seek shelter.

Miss Henry & Marley said...

Can't blame you for being under the bed Marley was there for 3 days during the 4th Thanks for your welcome.

Miss Henry & Marley too.