September 28, 2008

Happy New Week

Sunday, and we have been hanging out. Mama gots up VERY early today and without my help.

We are sorry to hear of the passing of the honorable Cap'n Nels at the Meowers of Missouri. My heart is purring for his family.

Yesterday Davy the dog (who lives down the hall) had his bean not feel well. Davy is a sweet little dog, and we hope his bean, Arthur will do better. He is an elderly bean, and has diabetes like mama. Arthur scared his doggy and the aide that stopped to check up on him. But the mergency team came quick and he didn't have to go way to the bean vet. Before the mergency team came, mama offered her help, too. She is such a nice bean.

She finally got some more updating done on my new bloggie friends list. Yeah! But we're not done yet.

Back to work for mama tomorrow.

love to all,
kisses to my sweetie,


Black Cat said...

I'm glad your neighbour bean was fixed up by the emergency team and that you had a day hanging out with your Mama:) xxx

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

snoochies to you sweetie. thank you for asking me to hold your paw during the storms. it was nice to be snuggling with you. my mommy said she understands that it is important for me to be with you.

we hope your neighbor bean Arthur is OK. we will purr and pray for him to get all better soon. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssss

Sunny's Mommy said...

I hope your neighbor is doing better today. That's nice of your Mama to look out for her older neighbors who may need help.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie! I'm hoping that you will come over tomorrow, Wednesday, so I can present you to my minions in my Spooky Village. You can be their Queen!!

I am very excited to think you will come. Mommy will be home to take care of us and make sure we are fed and get chin scritches.

Jane said...

Your Mama is very kind to offer to help out Arthur. I hope he and his doggy are ok.

Anonymous said...

Hope Davy and Arthur are doing better.It was very sweet of your mom to help.My grandpa has diabetes it can be scary...Hugs Ariel

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

This is Redfurd! You are such a pretty girl, Brandi, I see why Hendrix chose you for his sweetheart! You are right, you could be related to my new widdle brofur, Nicey!

Hey, our mom (Whimpurr)had diabetes too .... we hope your friend is doing ok now! ~Purrs~