November 15, 2008

Weekend stuff

Mama was gone today. I was not pleased. And when she camed home she took the rug out of the litterbox room! Course, I had sorta pooped on it, and it did smell like it, but now I don't have anything but tile floors! Course, there are blankies and the bed and the couch and my fleese bed, but still.... warm feet when I eat crunchies is important!

Anyway, she wented to somewhere called the Swedish Institute, which she has been to before, and they had a Chrissymouse Fair. This is a beautiful mansion (they even call it a castle), and it has 11 different 'ramic fireplaces in it. Just imagine! She camed home with some new wooden ornaments. One was even a MOOSE. Well, she said it was Santa's reindeer, but it's still scary!

Mama's surgery is not till just after Chrissymouse. So we have to wait.

Oh, wait, mama said she wented to PetSmart today, and checked out the woofies in the training classes and there was a pomeranian and a couple corgies and a yellow lab. She also wented in the rescued kitty room (it's separate, so they can have privacy from woofies and lots of noise). She said there were lots of older kitties, like 1 and 1/2 years to six years, but there were a family of little kitties, and she said one of the black kitties was very playful and remined her of my Sugar Pie. One of the older 3 year olds reminded her of her Suki, who camed way before me. Suki lives now over the Rainbow Bridge and her ashes are in a jar on one of our bookcases. So she can still be with mama, sorta.

She did get me something there I know it. She had to have. Mommm! PetSmart!!




Everycat said...

Hi Brandi, maybe you could find somewhere nicer to eat your crunchies than near the litter box. You don't want cold paws, that would be awful. We love Christmas Fairs, so atmospheric, the one your Mama went to sounds very grand.

Have a good snuggly Sunday

Whicky Wuudler

Thoughts said...

Oh yes, Pet Smart always means presents for us!

Sasha and Theodore