April 11, 2009


My mama spend this afternoon e-filing her taxes. We get monies back, which will help. And it will take a little more than a week to get them. Whew!
Right now, we don't have a lot of monies cause we are waiting for the insurance check for April to come. So mama can't spend a lot of monies right now, cause she needs medicine and stuff, so no hamm for Easter. We are having chick-hen instead, cause we already have some. She said, hey, we have sweet potatoes, but she always has them around and I don't like them.
She says sweet potatoes are rich in auntie oxdents(who's that? and can she send some of her monies?) and good vitamins.
We will have hamm later. Mama promised. But chick-hen is almost as good. And I have enough dentabites and stuff. And she accidentally told me there is the Fancy Feast good stuff special for me for Easter, anyway.
So it's not as bad as you may think. Chick-hen and Fancy Feast Elegant Medley for Easter, and hamm coming soon. Yumm! And mama still has monies for her medicines. And the weather here is beautiful and in the 50's!
Hope you all have a good Easter and Passover.

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Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy Easter to you and your mommy (and Maxie & Fraxie too)!! I think Fancy Feast and chicken make for a wonderful Easter feast. I will probably only get my regular stinky goodness. sigh.

Actually, knowing you'll get hamm later gives you something to look forward to!

We hope you get all your green monies soon. We also hope your mommy is doing lots better. purrrrrrrs

Happy Easter! I gave you something on my bloggy.