June 14, 2009

Oh, no!

Mama says they are coming tomorrow to install the sprinklers! If it will be like Friday across the hall, it will be LOUD! If I am really spooked (they are going to be all over the partment) she will take me upstairs to a special lounge.
If they don't come first thing, mama won't be able to go to rehab, cause she promised to stay with me.
We will let you know what happens.
Meanwhile, all the stuff in the tops of the closets had to be taken out. So it is all over the partment. That's because they will put some of the piping in the closets. So it looks weird around here.
It reached 84 degrees today and mama put the air blowy thingy on!
That's about it for Sunday.

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Kaz's Cats said...

Hope the sprinklers don't take too long to put in. Hope they come in plenty of time for your Mom to do her rehab. 84 degrees sounds alright - it's been very wintry down here, although we don't get snow around our place - just on the mountains and stuff.


Gypsy & Tasha