July 5, 2009

After the 4th

I hope efurryone was safe yesterday. Our day started out with the fire alarm going off (and some pretty mad residents, even though mama and I had been up and awake for quite a while). Of course it was nothing, but it was kinda irritating. I don't mind the alarm in this building. It is loud but not too bad on my ears. The last partment's alarm was so shrill I couldn't stand it, and hid in the back of the closet behind the laundry basket! But I suppose some people wanted to sleep in a bit. Anyway, like I said, it was nothing. I don't even hide when it goes off.
Then last night we had fireworks across the street and all over. We have a panoramic view of the east part of the Twin Cities, and mama said it was really pretty. I happen to NOT like fireworks. Even if they are far off and not noisy. I hid under the bed. I got Dentabites after.
Mama has cardio rehab tomorrow and a pointment, so I'm thinking of asking Mr. Hendrix, my Sugar Pie, if I can come keep him company.
my mama is very proud of the 4th of July. She said that she is 2nd generation American on both sides of her family, and is very happy that her relatives came here. We wish for more tolerance for immigrants here, because, as my mama says, lots of beans come from families that were immigrants, and need reminding.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad you survived the noise of the 4th - and really glad the fire alarm wasn't serious, just an annoyance.

Camie's Kitties said...

We are glad to hear that the fire alarm was just a drill. We would hate it if it was the real thing. We are also glad to hear that you survived the booms on the 4th. We don't mind them so much.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Sorry that you had to hide from the fireworks, but Dentabites sound good to have after. We hope your Mom's appointment goes well.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh sweetie, you are always welcome here or I'll come to you! I hope you'll come and help explore my house this weekend. My beans will be at the hospital bringing the new blurpy into the world and I am asking all my friends to make sure the house is safe and soft for him. Don't worry, my grandbeans will be around to snoopervise.

I do not like the boomies of the fireworks either. Daddy took me to the Mancave (basement) where it is quiet.

My mommy's family came to America in the 19th century, but the majority of us are decendents of immigrants. that is what is great about America! we can, and should welcome everyone.

Baby Patches said...

I knows those boomers can be scary but for me its only cause I can't sees em at all! I hopes you doings okay now.


Sherkhan said...

My mama thinks your Mama is a very nice lady, Brandi :)

Thoughts said...

Excellent point your mama makes about immigrants, she is a smart cookie. Brandi, we DESPISE fireworks too. Both of us came tootling home ASAP as soon as we heard that first bang last weekend.... inside and up to Mama's room right away!

theodore and sasha