October 5, 2009


Would you believe mama got a pointment for tomorrow for her eyes? She thought she would have to wait quite a while.  And in a couple of weeks she will be getting her mamogram. Good mama, huh?
We snuggled today and she shared her chick-hens tonight.  She moved a couple of things, too.  The radiator guy is coming back, so she is getting things ready to move around.  And also for the give away next week.  She says she hasn't changed where the kitchen table  is since she got it, and she hates where it is.  So it's getting moved.  She already moved the tv and put the rocking chair in the living room.
Thursday if the radiator guy comes after mama leaves for another pointment, I have to stay in the litterbox room. Otherwise she says I won't feel safe and it will be too noisy.  It is only for an hour.  Ya think that the radiator guys could let me out when they are done??

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Milo and Alfie said...

Hi Brandi, thanks for visiting our bloggie.
We hate having workmen in the house too ~ we always hide.