November 29, 2009

Annual PurrfurMance Review

Review of :  Mama Carol
Date: 11/30/2009
Reviewed by: brandi

1.) Quantity of Output:
     No, mama has NOT posted to my blog daily.  TWO SWATS
2.) Quality of Output:
     In general, mama has done decent pictures (although I hate to see my picture, my fans seem to require more of  them). I hope the rest of my blog is enjoyed by many.  I DO.  FOUR PAWS
3.) Client Pawticipation:
     The only way my fans get to contact me is by comment.  I DONT have my own email address. Ok, I'll be nice. Not efurryone has their own. TWO PAWS
4.) Pawticipation Part II:
     Mama doesn't seem to be up on special events and parties and contests.  I don't get to go to anywhere near the events I want to. TWO SWATS
5.) Client Satisfaction: 
     Content, yes.  Pictures, they want more.  But we do have a new camera now, so mama will be obnoxious  taking more pictures now. TWO PAWS.
4.)  Overall rating and Comments and Suggestions for improvement:
Overall, mama provides me a nice home and a choice of napping areas and nice scritchies, and my favorite foodies.  She could provide more Stinky Goodness, however.  She needs to type my blog more, and provide my fans more pictures. I don't get to go anywhere much, and she should let me go to more events
Four Paws for love and affection and care. Two paws for the rest of her purrfurmance. 
I'll keep her.  There is hope.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, there is room for improvement here. However, it appears as though your human staff is making an effort to improve her performance. Keep a close watch on her and don't let her slack off.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're so relieved you're going to keep your human. Don't forget to let Zoolatry know you participated.

Huffle Mawson said...

Well Brandi, I think that's fair. And you have to give the mum something to work towards for next year anyway.