December 30, 2009

Wednesday Words

It's snowy today.  More nappies, I guess. It's also grocery day, and delivery day for kitty stuff.  We have a service in town that delivers litter and foodies and stuff and they don't charge for delivery! So mama buys big bags of litter once a month, and every other month, litter bags. I don't care for their food (I like my dry Friskies, they don't have it) but I think they have some of my favorite stinky goodness.  But mama gets that stuff from the  regular store herself.
One of the things that grocery day will bring is batteries. Why is it you haven't seen my face for a while? Camera batteries!! I promise more pictures soon.
Mama wasn't feeling very well yesterday, with her my-grain, but she is better today.  So grocery day commences.
See ya latter!
brandi and the Squillions and the VSquilliion.  We're a Fambly!


Harry Spotter said...

I'm glad your food came, especially the stinky goodness. I hope your momma feels better. We are sending purrs and prayers your way.

Kea said...

As someone who also gets "my-grains," tell your mom she has my sympathies and that I hope she's feeling much better now.

Very nice to have that delivery service! There's a local small pet food/supplies store that will deliver for a $5 fee, which is cheaper than taking a cab, and I've used that a few times. But most of the time I just stock up once a month while getting my own food, so a taxi is worth the money.

Stay warm and snuggly!

Parker said...

Happy New Year sweet Brandi!

Karen and "The Boys" said...

Well, Brandi, sorry to hear your mom has the my-grain! And hoping she's better real soon.

So some of your food gets delivered, that's terrific. Even if they don't have "the yummy kind!"

We're wishing you a Happy New Year and lots of special treats.

The end.

Mikey, Jonny, Billy and Bowie - and Daniel and Cody, posthumously.

Milo and Alfie said...

Happy New Year Brandi, and your mama. We hope 2010 is a happy and healthy year for yoo.