November 3, 2010

Pet Blogs United

This week I am featured on Pet Blogs United.  If you have come from there to see me, thank you for stopping and I hope you leave a comment so I can visit you. There is a special badge for me, but I can't seem to get it to work on here.  All I get is a photobucket name.  Whatever that is. But these lovely beans and furries are really nice.
Mama has been very busy this week, so sorry we haven't posted.  She is going to be gone all afternoon to go to the bean vet (already there last week and Tuesday!) and tomorrow night is also Movie Night, which she helps run in the Community Room.  This time the doctor is for her ears, which she says are buzzing.  She said the noise bugs her a lot, but she appreciates me cuddling and comforting her.
See you soon

ps.  Mama got sick of the three songs on here, so they are gone.


HOPE said...

Hi left a comment on my craft blog about Gus and Lowie.

Lowie is Gus' soon to be home friend. Lowie belongs to my daughter and can't take him to where she is moving.

You'll be able to follow the Lowie story on Gus' blog...

Paws UP!

Katnip Lounge said...

Hi Brandi!
Just stopping in to say good morning!

Jonna said...

Hi Brandi! You look too cute and beautiful! We're members of Pet Blogs United, too!

Meet kitties Qish and Rue here:

Happy blogging!

Keisha said...

I is glad u are on the PBU website. I saw u there! Yay! :)

Thank u for takin good care of ur Mom. I hope she feels better. :)

Jon Terry and Kim said...

Hi Brandi! Oskar sent me here. Hope you mommy feels better.