January 19, 2012

No Heat Wave Here

Mommy, it's 11 below zero out!
I don't want to come out til it warms up!
Don't forget to watch out for your furry ones, out there!
Everybody keep warm!


Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Zolie is bundled in the garage in her heated hidey hut and it doesn't look like a creature is stirring outside! Winter has finally caught up to us. :(

Bengal Business said...

Ifff we live were you live....well we would luffff to cuddle under that blanket with you...if you know what we mean you HOT MAMA !!


Momzz just slapped our pawzzz and said we schouldn't say those finksss to a pretty kitty like you.

We are gonna lick our pawzzz now but we rather lick y...

Momzzz: LARS AND ODIN!!!

Tober the Cat said...

Brandi! I am trying to catch-up on your blog, and I'm noticing that you have a special fondness for that blankie! Of course, if I had a nice blankie like that, I would probably spend a lot of time snuggled in it. Stay warm!

brandi said...

Well, mama calls it a "throw". And it's some kind of cloth called chenille, and it is very very soft. I used to like my pink blankie, but it ranned away.

The Lee County Clowder said...


And we though 7°F was cold.

Cuddle with your Mama and stay inside, Brandi. That's what we're doing. (but with our Dad)