February 29, 2012

Midwest Storms

That's right. It snowed and it rained and it snizzled overnight!
Shaggy. Scooby and Scout, this is what your mommy and daddy are missing out on!
Lovely sloppy, slippery crap!
Fine time for them to go to Arizona. Or anywhere warm!
We need cuddles and blankies!
Come over to my house.  We've got both!
Open invitation for anyone who woked up to this.


Nerissa's Life said...

I'm too far away to visit, unfortunately, but I can send purrs your way. Lots and lots of purrs. Here they come....

meowmeowmans said...

We're getting that stuff later today here in the Northeast. Can we still come over to your house, Brandi?

Rene said...

We got lucky--we were on the rain side of this storm!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ugh! Cold, wet snow. How nice of you to invite the 3 cold and lonely left-behind kitties to your house for some blankets.

Oui Oui said...

Ugh! We're glad all we got was rain. Isn't it supposed to be Spring now? (It is in our minds at least!)

Mr. Pip said...

Would you believe it was in the 50's here today. We are in the Midwest (Chicago area). This weather is crazy!

Your pal, Pip

Katie Isabella said...

We had tornados in the area and a warning for us right here where we are in TN but we got through holding on to one another thru the scaries. xoxox

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Talked to our neighbor this morning. Sounds like we left town at the right time!! All winter, nothin'.....then wham! Heard it was all rain before so the driving was insane.
Keep safe, warm, and try not to think about my sunburn, it will just depress you! -SSS's mom

Roy said...

We havin bad thunder storms, tornadoes, lots of rain storms, and noise and lightning and all that stuff what makes da kitties wanna run hide under the bed and in the closet.

Spring done hit da SouthWoodsUSA.

Thanks for stopping by and welcoming us back to the Blogs. We do hope we can be here on a regular basis now.

Y'all come see us when you can, and we will try to do the same.