December 9, 2012

Progress Report

I have been here a month already.
Progress report:
Now this isn't the fanciest (or biggest) place I've been, but it has its advantages.  Like good kitty food and fresh water.  Like nice hidey holes (like my very own Quinn Cave). Interesting sounds coming from under the front door (and nice smells). And lovely massages every day. Did I say lovely massages? OOOhhhhh how lovely.
So today, in honor of my first month here, the weather did this (the little black speck by the last truck with an open and snowy bed is a human! Biggie-fy and you can sorta make him out by the right side) and Mommy tried to get some of the window ledge so you could see the snow more up close. Yes, it IS snowing!):

And I am safe and warm inside with my new Mommy.  In fact, she did this:
I sorta moved a little.  But you get how nice Mommy is. A nice "throw" that has a bit of Angel brandi  woven into it's warmth. Oh, and she has even served me breakfast in bed before.  Just not today.

I love it here. Yup.  No place like a furrever home. And lots of love. Even if I am a messy eater and my deposits in the litter box sorta stink up the place for a few minutes when I make them.

Progress Results:
A-Okay with me.


Marg said...

Oh Quinn, we are glad you like your new home. That is such good news. And it looks like that Mommy is taking such good care of you. Wow, breakfast in bed. That is pretty nice. Take care.

Rene said...

Your mom sure loves you Quinn and wants you to be happy. :-)

Brian said...

You sure got a very special home Quinn and you will always have the best love ever!

Cherry City Kitties said...

Quinn, you gots it really good. We are glad that you and Mommy are lovin each other and that you both carry angel Brandi with you
Harry, Dexter and Tipp

Cathy Keisha said...

Sounds like you scored a winner of a forever home, but aren't they all! Please don't send the snow over here.