February 4, 2013

Monday update.

You wouldn't believe this but Mommy had me on nursie duty AGAIN. She was sickie this weekend, so while I missed the PuppyBowl (and I really wanted to see the half-time show adorable kitties) she had pre-set the tv to tape it!  So I still get to watch! Anyway, when she calls, I answer (when she is sick).  I rush up to the bed and jump up by her shoulder and keep her comfy. I was sooo busy this weekend with my nursie duties!
This morning, after giving me my Chicken Soup for the Catlover's Soul ( mixed with a little water) she watched some of the SuperBowl adds, and I must say, for the most part, I wasn't interested.  But the darling Clydesdale baby story brought a tear to my eye (and mommy's). THAT was well done! Four-footed animal adds usually rock, and that one was excellent!
Yes, she is once again feeling better.
Her horrible pictures of me were taken with a zoom, and she hasn't mastered a good outcome. She needs practice!
Listen, I don't have laser evil eyes, and the floor in the kitchen is white, and so are the walls, and the door is light blond. She took this from the living room.  What did I tell you? Halloween is passed! Yuck!
Maybe she can take evil looking pictures for scary movies?
Practice, practice Mommy! Or evil-dom beckons!
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Rene said...

We are glad that your mom is feeling better--and that you are such a good nurse.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

We're glad your mom is feeling better! And we hope she rewards your attentions to her sickness with lots of treats!
We kinda like that picture, it looks like an old fashioned black and white photo, kinda artistic. With laser eyes special effect MOL

Sweet Purrfections said...

Glad to hear your mom is feeling better. We always love the commercials with the Clydesdales.

yuki and rocket said...

i hope your mom is feeling better! we must say you missed a pawsome halftime show with the kitties,but i'm sure you can watch the reruns.

♥ yuki and rocket

BarnCat Master said...

You might want to turn the flash off. To take a picture,press the button just hard enough to get a green box in the viewfinder and inside the box is what the camera is focused on. Try to use natural light and have the dial set on auto. That way the camera picks up a lot of light on its own.

Cathy Keisha said...

Glad Mommuy is feeling better. Save that picture for Halloween!