December 7, 2013

Some Good, Some Bad

It is COLD OUT! It was below 0 F. this morning!! Yes the sun was out, and that was nice for me (I'm indoors, and sunpuddles are sunpuddles), but for anyone going outside (some have to do stuff like buy their animals foods or go to work to get the green papers to go get the foods, so we feel sorry for them) is CRAZY.
PLEASE ADOPT and NEUTER so that more animals can be safe in these horrible weathers, hot or cold!
I will jump off my soap box (really, mommy, do they have soap boxes and where can I get a real one and besides, who would want to leave a nice box except maybe for dinner) now.
We do have some bad and good news.  First the bad:
Mommy could not afford her insurants and got behind.  The peoples at the insurants called her and said they were cancelling her. She called someplace named Medicare and they gave her information on what to do. Very technical information, and she never worked in insurance so she was kinda lost. Then she called someplace named Senior Linkage and they were VERY helpful.
Now the good news:
She no longer has medicare advantage insurants. And lots of things aren't covered.  Like the glasses she needs and the dental work and walkers and some medical supplies. BUT.
No copays for doctors, including specialists. The premiums (what she pays every month) are a lot less than what she was trying to pay before. And the drugs she needs are not quite half of what she has been paying! Thank goodness.  Maybe now she can stop agonizing so much over groceries and bills.
Oh, there is still some bad news.  She still needs to pay off what she owes. Yuck!!
All this has been the last couple of days.  She was crying for hours as she tried to find out what to do. And if you are in Minnesota, the Senior Linkage line is a great resource for older peoples.  They listened to my mom. They helped her. They even stayed on the line while she was connected to the insurants plan she chose. They had her calm and hopeful and she even smiled!
Like I stated before, good and bad stuff.  Now if they could only do something about the cold.....
ps. I want to find out what hamm pizza tastes like some day. Maybe there is a chance????


Nerissa said...

Quinn, that sounds like more good news than bad and THAT is a very good thing. Chin up! Things are looking up.


Ragdoll Mommy said...


That's cold!!!!

Rene said...

Quinn, we are sorry your mom has to go through all of that hassle. It's just not fair. :-/ However, for the glasses, we want to suggest ordering online. She can get an exam anywhere and order online (just tell her to get her Pupilary Distance measured). Our person orders from Zenni Optical and loves them. Glasses are as inexpensive as $25 and come in all sorts of neat options. (we sound like a commercial, but we are not affiliated!)

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

As we read your post, we noticed that the wunderground widget says it's -3 there. Brrr!

It sounds like your mom had a lot of stress getting insurance changed, but this plan will help in the long run. Big purrs. The Senior Linkage people sound very helpful, and we are very glad your mom found them. They sound like a useful resource that she might be able to use for other questions as they come up, too.

Prancer Pie said...

Y'all have the coldest weather we have ever seen! Brrr.

Tell Mommy not to worry so much and you two keep each other warm. XOXO

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'd gladly let woo use my tail!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're glad your mom is out from under the big insurance bill and hope she will be able to save some money toward what she needs that isn't covered. Jan says she can understand why your mom was crying over the confusion. Stay warm!

Cathy Keisha said...

TW was crying this week over insurance too. She signed up for Obamacare but they never forwarded her application to Medacaid so she might not be insured come the beginning of the year.