May 9, 2014

Finally Friday

Well, it has been a few days. Tuesday we wanted to post but didn't. Wednesday we wanted to post but didn't. Thursday we had survived a nasty storm overnight and wanted everyone to  know we were okay. And then Thursday night we had bad weather, but it blew over quickly. So here it is Friday. Mommy has no excuses this time!
Wednesday/Thursday's storm was very scary and loud and flashy. I did the brave thing and distracted Mommy as much as possible. Went back and forth rubbing up against her. Let her pet me and talk sweet to me. See? I was really brave! I took care of Mommy!
Lots of bloggers are at the conference this weekend, and a lot of kitties haven't been lucky enough to go. We should all have a "progressive party". We should go from house to house where the Mommies and/or Daddies have deserted their furbabies. And enjoy trashing the homes!
Of course, my mommy is home. But I don't mind traveling!
Mommy has not left home for years (except, I understand, to go to the hospital). She doesn't have enough money to do that. Sometimes she doesn't have enough money for essentials. She actually has a list of things she wants "someday". And it isn't like a million dollar home or something that dumb.  It's stuff like a new watch, a rollator/walker, a new bed, a love seat. Why a new watch? Hers doesn't keep good time any more. A new rollator/walker? That's self explanatory. Why a new bed? Cause our daybed is broken and being held up by bricks. Why a love seat? We have one wooden rocking chair, one office chair, and a folding chair. And of course, new shoes, a new pair of slippers, new glasses. Stuff like that. And we are on a fixed income.
Well, if I get sick we would be desolated.
Everyone needs stuff. It is sometimes a little hard to listen to others who get to go on vacations, or get new homes, or furniture, or even new toys for furbabies. But we are very happy for them, and really love their good fortune. It does happen for nice people! There is hope for us.
Isn't there??
love ya,


Mr. Pip said...

There's always hope, Quinn! Don't give up!

Angel Pip and Ruby

Rene said...

We know how hard your mom has struggled with finances and it stinks. We sure hope things turn a corner soon.

Mariodacat said...

Oh dear, we're so sorry life has to be so hard for your mommy. We hope things turn around for her this year.

Cathy Keisha said...

We had a bad storm last night. We don’t have much but TW could send your Mom one of her old watches if she wants. Send me your address.

Marty the Manx said...

Quinn you are a good kitty to support your mom like you do. You are right there is hope for good people like your mom. Tell mom to never be afraid to reach out to us in blogging land if she really needs something, she might be surprised that we all might have a little to give and that adds up. Even if it is catnip and toys :) Tell Mom Happy Mom's Day! From all of us!
Marty and Mom

TrixieAndLily said...

Our Mama says she knows the feeling! She is actually lucky in some way right now because Gramma and Grampa let her (and Lily) move back in with them for a while so she could finish school and look for a job. The finding a job part is taking the longest... mama is a substitute teacher but wants to be a REAL teacher! In the mean time Mama is always trying to save up money, but she says every time she gets some money together, something happens... like her car breaks down or one of us gets sick... and we need to spend the money! ::sigh:: But at least we all have each other, right?