April 2, 2015

News and more computer problems!

News: Mommy is getting her walker next Monday! Yea! *happy dance* Finally!
We just found out. Thank you for your prayers!
We have been experiencing Major Problems with Firefox today. We had to reload it (?) finally, and all our bookmarks are there. But we had to once again make our home page our home page (Comcast). And for some weird reason the box thing on the top right of the screen is Black.  That's the one that you can make the screen bigger or smaller, you can pull it down to the strip at the bottom of the computer screen (see how untechnified we are!) so you can see the desktop or check through stuff of your own before you continue on  line. And then there is the missing X that closes the internet. Where do we go for help? Our internet provider Comcast, or Firefox or some other great genius place on the internet? Inquiring Mommy wants to know. I want to know so she stops freaking out over it. We can work around that, but I think that's silly, and so does Mommy. Anyone have suggestions on where to go for some on-line help? Anyone even heard of this problem before??? We really don't want to be that kind of special. Really.
In other news, we are thankful for all of you (even if you don't have a solution to our problem), and the support of our friends through Mommy's hard time loosing her brother. You all are truly so kind! And I am definitely thankful that it was 87 degrees F. yesterday! Imagine. In April. In Minnesnowta! Mommy actually dragged out another fan yesterday! Yes, we have the A/C thingy, but in April??? Unheard of in Minnesnowta! Fans it is!
It is 67 today. Go figure! At least there were decent sunbeams this morning!
Well, we haven't even gotten around to reading blogs today. We are so behind in a lot of things on here! But we ARE thankful we now can even begin to catch up!
Hope you all have a blest day (as our friend Dezi says) today, and the weather where you are is sunshine-y at least!
Love ya


Anonymous said...

Oh Quinn, warm wedder. Dat's pawsum. And yes, we agwee a/c in Apwil? But guess what? Weez alweady had da a/c on here it's been so warm mommy kuldn't bweave ifin we didn't turn it on. As fur yous puter purrawlems, weez not be techy eevew, but da furst fing mommy wuld do (duz) is call da internet purrvider. In yous case, Comcast. And then da firefox peeps ifin we still wuld be havin' purrawlems. Altho' weez not know firefox but surely they have a nummew or chat. Hope yous get fings fixed. Weez do know sumpawdy dat had what yous descwibin' but weez not sure hoo it wuz or how they fixed it. Wish we kuld be mowe help.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

If we understand your description, the buttons that aren't working are called "Minimize," "Maximize," and "Close." That might help when searching for solutions. Does pressing F11 help, by any chance? That is the keyboard command for "full screen" and usually hides those buttons.

Hope it helps. Computer problems like those are frustrating. :)

Jans Funny Farm said...

Always something happening, isn't there. We don't know anything about Comcast, but we've had the same problem a while ago. And we forget how we solved it.

Jans Funny Farm said...

PS - Very happy you will be getting your walker soon! Yeah!!

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Glad you are getting that walker you need:)

Now about the confuser...sorry, we are no help at all, even our meowmy always has to beg pawppy to help...sigh...hope you get that fixed soon, its so furustrating to be without your worldly contacts.