August 2, 2015

Easy Sunday Good and Bad Stuff

Lots of good and bad news.
Our cable tv doesn't work. The cable company is shipping us a new "box" and a new remote. This saves Mommy from having to pay for installation. Bad news again? I have to suffer from her trying to "install" by herself. I think I will quickly disappear when she starts.  I might  (might? who are we kidding! Will) like the box the box comes in! So now Mommy has lost all the movies she "dvr-ed". Good news for that? She's watching Netflix. New different movies! And while she mourns the loss of her EastEnders, and all the movies she had wanted to watch on the dvr, she has to watch Netflix on the computer. And she has to sit in the office chair. Which leaves the comfy chair for me. Which just happens to be within scritchie reach for mommy and me.
Whew! Life gives us a lot of ups and downs fast, huh!
We are still waiting to get some foodies for Mommy. Tomorrow Barb is taking her to a food shelf. But we still need help. Please, somebody? Diabetics need foods as well as insulin to maintain their "levels". And lives.
Tuesday she has a "med check" at the clinic. This is normal. She's on some new meds and they need to see how they are working. Other than "expensively" Mommy says fine. The insurance doesn't pay for much of this, and WallyWorld can't help. Sometime this week she has to go to WallyWorld and get her inexpensive insulin again. Another of the reasons she isn't spending money on food. But those new meds are something more she has to pay for.
More nice news: someone very kind is giving Mommy a used printer so she can print coupons and stuff. Oh, goodie. More "installation"! Kitty is gone for that!
Oh, and really nice news? I got an awesome massage this morning! Mommy is pretty cool, don't you agree?
I am taking the rest of the day off. It is Easy Sunday after all! Bring on the movies, Mommy! (and lots of scritchies)
Love ya,
QUINN Makayla.


Deziz World said...

Yep Quinn life duz have a tendency to fwo fings at ya' like...constanty mommy sez. She sez weez not get over one hump when anudder appears. But she also sez weez can eever cwuble neaff da load or keep on twudgin' and she purrfurs to twudge. Wish we kuld help, but mommy didn't eat last mumff eever and she sez it's lookin' like it might not happen this mumff she's just gunna have to wait and see. Sowry 'bout yous mommy losin' hers DVR'd movies. Mommy watches Hulu a lot. And weez glad da cable peeps be sendin' ya' anudder box. Hope da install goes well. Weez sendin' hugs and purrayers.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

modern nomad said...

Big Noodle hugs to you...

Noodle and crew

Lone Star Cats said...

Massages are da best. :)

Penelope TheCatFromHell said...

Thanks for coming to my blogoversary! And the last time Mommy has to install a new cablebox, she discovered that some cat had chewed the wires!!! Wes cant gets near them any more!

Rene said...

We wonder if your mom has checked the drug prices at Costco (if they are any she can get to)? We recently switched Benny's medication there and it's much less expensive. Note: do you NOT need a membership to use the pharmacy (though if you have a membership the prices are even better.)

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

We sure are purring and pawyering that you get the necessities you need.

Kitty massages are so relaxing and wonderfur!