October 17, 2015

Caturday Calling!

Meow again. Mommy said I could blog today!
She had two human vet appointments this week and new medicines to take (and an old one to NOT take). She is still very tired all the time, but some friends in the building came and cleaned the floors and took out the garbage for us. And, yes, they are Quinn Approved! They have a sweet kitty of their own!
Speaking of foodies, my Chewy order came today! We like Chewy delivery days! I guess humans don't get this kind of service. Mommy orders foodies to be delivered to her, but they come from the grocery store and you have to cook them yourself. I mean the humans do, not me.
I wish somebody would bring Mommy some prepared food, but everyone who lives in this building is a senior and on a fixed income themselves. But she says it would be nice.... Can you mail dinners to humans like you can kitties and woofies? MOL Incoming! One pot roast dinner! MOL Incoming! One fish dinner! And don't forget Mommy loves meat loaf! And salads. And mashed sweet potatoes. And lots of veggies (we love spinach stuff). Sometimes I crack myself up!!
My new tree is fine. Mommy is thinking about moving furniture around so that I have "easier access", but that's Mommies for you. They mean well. Mommy has now moved my SleepyPod in front of the little table which is by my chair and in front of my tree. That way I can always have some place to hide and be comfy (and play with my pink Tickle Pickle). Either in my SleepyPod or the cute little home on the bottom of my cat tree. Or my linen closet shelf. Or my bed. Or "mommy's" bed. Or the shower stall. Or the pantry (that is if she EVER lets me in there! Tee hee)! For now everything is pretty much staying where it is cause Mommy is too tired.
Mommy needs another nap. Yes, you do, Mom! So let's curl up together!
love ya,


Katie Isabella said...

QUINN you beauty you. Mom tried to order from the grocery here because she can't walk much more than a few feet or stand. But it wanted to order ALL of what she had bought when she went to the store herself here awhile back! She wrote and asked what that was about. She'll try again as long as she is unable to do the groceries. Course, when they come home in the car, there's the problem of getting them in the house and then, put away. She goes to physical therapy again tomorrow and Wednesday and Friday.

Yup. Know what you mean about dinners cooked. Sure do. When we are down and out everything has more meaning. My back will surely stop this pain. xxooxx Hope you are all doing alright.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Thanks for the update cutie. Is there a meals on wheels program in your area? In our town, the elderly and disabled can get meals delivered on weekdays.

Deziz World said...

Sowry yous mommy be feelin' tired. We sure know what dat be llike. Mommy offen falls asleep in fwunt of da puter wiff hers hands still on da keyboard. Can yous magine? OMC da fings she types. MOL As fur yous mommys foods, weez not know ifin yous know, but yous mommy can get home delivered meals. They be a little purricy fur us, but as yous know, mommy dusn't buy any gwoceries fur hers selff, so there's no budget fur mommy to eat anyways. Glad yous still likin' yous twee. Mommys do like rearrangin' da furnitures don't they. MOLL But, here's a kupple linkys yous mommy might wanna check out. http://www.momsmeals.com/ and

Good luck and weez sendin' purrayers.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

We have meals on wheels here...and sometimes churches and other senior centers have meal programs too.
While we are way too far from you, there is a =n adult 'daycare' center here, buses pick up peeps, take them to the center, and make them have fun things to do, meals and care if need be as well, its a great program, innovative and lots of peeps depend on it.

Hope you can work something out.