January 20, 2016

Wordy Wednesday Again

Hmmm. I think Mommy is crabby now. There is something she wants the computer to do and it won't. So she called and left a message with someone who knows stuff and they haven't called back all day yesterday and nothing today yet. At least she only tried for an hour Monday night and wasn't up all night long saying bad words kitties shouldn't hear. She did change the sounds the computer makes, though, and they are pretty. And our mail box edge has snowflakes in stead of Christmas bells. I just wish she would work on my blog!
We have been very cold here in Minnesota. VERY cold. But so far we are nice and warm inside. This afternoon I am planning a little snooze in my SleepyPod. Or a lot of snoozes. And we all like our snoozes, right?
So maybe Mommy will figure out the stuff on the computer. I hope so.
Stay warm everyone. Sometimes I do wish I was a lap cat for more than 2 minutes (that's 2 minutes Mommy's time). Instant warm!
Mommy's grumbling about only having chicken and fish in the freezer. That's a problem? I don't think so Mommy. Just don't do that poked chicken in the crock pot. Or pulled. Or whatever it is.  It is much too spicy!
Haven't done the biopsy yet. Mommy's trying to get up the nerve.
Love ya,


The Whiskeratti said...

Ohhh we hear a lot about computer stuff here too. They seem to be awful things. Purrhaps if you gave it a bitey that might help.

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

When the confuser is naughty we hear meowmy say some naughty things, too, MOL!!
Hope you get it fixed soon.

That biopsy?? Tell your Mommy to pawlease get it done fast, cause if its something not nice, you don't want it lurking there at all, then its the sooner its out the better...purrs and POTP and pawyers to your Mommy. Stay warm:)

(( Hugs! ))

The Meezers or Billy said...

what is your mom trying to make the 'puter do? Sometimes you haf to slap it. at least our mom does. MOL

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Well, I think if she swats it the monitor goes dark, so she talks nice to it. Mostly. Still doesn't do the thing she wants!

Deziz World said...

Well we just today got notified of this posty in our email Quinn. Sorry weez here late. anyways, glad y'all are stayin' nice and toasty inside. It's been cold here too. But fankfully weez hangin' by da space heaters and snugglin' wiff mommy. Da lap kitty stuff really pays off so maybe yous oughtta give iit another try or ten. MOL Sumtimes you can even get da mommy to give ya' extra treats just fur lap sittin'. Sorry yous mommy be havin' catputer purroblems, we fur sure know all 'bout dat. MOL Mommy dusn't use da bad words, but she sure can give sum looks. MOL Anyways, hope y'all get it figgered out soon. And tell yous mommy not to worry, da biopsy be no big thing and it'll be over afur she knows it. Chicken and fish may not be what yous mommy wants, but at least she has it, and it will get hers full. Mommy got a kupple hot dog weenies da other day. Not hers favorite, but hey, it's food and she ate 'em. MOL Weez sendin' purrayers. Y'all stay warm and have a pawsum weekend.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

I know what you mean! When the computer behaves badly, so do the peeps! They get frustrated so easily. Don't know how to relax like we cats and that, my friend, is for sure. MOUSES!


modern nomad said...

Kick it!
Okay don't kick it but give it a little nudge...

Noodle and crew