April 12, 2016



Oh, I know, we have not been here.  Mommy found typing a real chore for days. Her hand is minus the big huge bandage now, but still has a little one. She uses food handler gloves for her right hand when she showers or washes dishes.  She gets her stitches out Thursday. So she is reading (I'm not interested in her latest book) and watching would you believe cartoons?  She says the Justice League was one of her favorite comics  to read when she was like maybe 6 or 7, in the dark ages. And particularly a fan of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. So there are various series about them all on Netflix. and she reads some blogs and tries to comment on a few.
Now for the other medical news: She goes back for her eye treatments shortly...
Now for the sorta medical news: We are running out of green papers again. My dear Chewy box came, thank goodness, but Mommy has her own medical bills (one of her drugs would you believe costs lots and lots of money this year. Here we go again. Any help would be wonderful, but there are lots in need out here on the blogs. But Mommy does need to pay her bills and buy some foods.
Mommy is NOT eligible for any state or county aid. That means no food, no help with rent, she pays for her own insurants, etc., and there is also the care of me. I can't afford insurants. I don't even get an allowance!
Do remember she used to work in the family division of county aid. She applied for help, but was denied. And she knew she would be, but tried any way. She has gone everywhere asking, but there isn't any help. There is extra help with meds, but she has to take more than a dozen. And even after the extra help it is still a lot.
Oh, I do know this is depressing. So sorry. But this is real world stuff!
Now you see why she is watching cartoons that remind her of her youth. And blooper reels. And cat stuff on You Tube. They usually make her smile.
Oh, Mommy, that isn't a lot of bugs on the chair. That's just my beautiful furs!
Have a good Tuxie Tuesday. I think today is national grilled cheese sandwich day.... Yum! Mommy there is still some cheese in the fridge!
love ya,
ps most drug companies won't help you if you already have insurance.


Marg said...

Glad Mommy's hand is doing better. Sounds like you are taking good care of her. Good job.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

quinn....tell yur mom therz nothin wrong with watchin cartoonz....if it makes HER happee; thatz all that matterz.... we R sorree bout de green paperz stuff; we noe how ruff it getz... we purray everee thing werkz out for de veree best for ewe both ♥♥♥

Mr Puddy said...

Me is curious ! Did she wears the cone ???
I hope she doesn't end up like me, it was so frustrated.
I send purrs to her for good healing

Deziz World said...

Mommy luvved da super hero cartoons when she was young, but sez she can't handle watchin' cartoons these days. Anyways, glad da big bandage is gone and hope dat means dat things are gettin' better there. Yous mommy needs to contact da medicine companies. Most of them have applications you can fill out for free or reduced price drugs directly from them. They would approve you and then send da meds to her doctor to give her ifin she doesn't qualify fur any state health. Ifin she gets medicare she should apply fur da extra help fur da medicare pawrt D. Most of those insurances have little or no co-payment fur all medicines. As fur foods and such, she might contact da local churches, beptist, methodist and catholic are bestest fur purrvidin' charity. One of our churches used too, but we's such a small town with so many peeps needin' help they just couldn't afford to keep doin' it. But most larger towns have at least one or 2 food banks. Course now yous mommy purrobably won't get her choice of what foods she gets, but da story is, ifin yous hungry, you will eat what yous be given. We's sendin' purrayers.

Luv ya'


modern nomad said...

We are very glad to hear that moms hands are better!
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday...

Noodle and crew

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about creating an ebook or guest authoring on other websites?

Jans Funny Farm said...

Hey, Quinn, we are glad you are there to keep your mom company. She would be lost without you. We pray for you both to have everything you need.