June 15, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Hi! It's really me!
We have survived a lot of heat and humidity these last several days, and storms last night were loud, but I have my mommy and she has me, so it wasn't too bad. My mommy loves storms, so she remains calm and that helps me remain calm.
No, our air conditioner is acting up and there is a loonnnnggg waiting list for maintenance. And we have to be patient. There are a lot of people in this building who really need a/c a lot more than Mommy and me. But we have a lovely tower fan in the living room that is helping tremendously. And mommy isn't doing too much baking, except limited to short times in the toaster oven! Or cooking when it is cooler. So it's not too bad so far. But that a/c will get fixed eventually, so no real worries.
Mommy's wheel chair: she has an appointment to be evaluated (finally!) in the middle of August! They certainly are busy if she has to wait that long. She says this time (!) she goes to her favorite place (the one next to the hospital with the sweet comfort service woofie she met not long ago. And a nice cafe place where she gets scrumptious (don't you love that word?) salads.
So that is what's up with the wheel chair. Now, the original doctor's visit was in late April. Who knows when and if she will get her chair! She's already fallen once this week.
Remember that internet problem?  They charged her 70 green papers for the tech to come! She called and they said they would give her credit, but you never know. Now her statement says she still owes over 92 green papers, and I bet they charge her a late fee next month so it will be impossible to have our cable internet. If anyone can put money in my  PayPal, thank you in advance. I told mommy she can have some of it.
I am spending a lot of time in the shower. Mommy thinks this is silly. But the floor is cool in there. She says all our floors are tile, so they all should be cool. I do come out and sit in my chair, though, and on the floor by Mommy and in my linen closet and on my bed and on the big bed (my mommy says it really is hers), and on the laundry and, and, and! So what is her problem??? Mommies!
Oh, some more good news: We are getting a new floor lamp.  Now we do have two, but one of them is kinda broken in the middle. It has a problem standing up straight, and that is kinda scary. Well, the new one is new to us, anyway. And we didn't have to pay any green papers for it. It doesn't match the one we are keeping (that one was free, too) but they aren't standing next to each other, and besides my Mommy says matching stuff can be boring, and lots of real decorators approve of not matching stuff.
Long enough Wordy Wednesday post?
Love ya,


Deziz World said...

Well Quinn sounds like things are goin' well fur ya'll. We's glad ya'll are doin' good. Hope all goes well with your mommy's 'pointment. Sendin' purrayers.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Good to hear your mum at least has an appointment 'bout that wheelchair. I'm purring that once that happens, everything else will happen much faster and that she'll get her chair sooner, rather than later. It worries me to hear she has fallen.


Mickey's Musings said...

We are glad to hear things are mostly good for you and your mum.
Sorry she has to wait so long for an appointment. Hope she gets the wheelchair. We purr very hard that things go well for you two.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Hang in there and you two take care of each other!

Pee Ess - stay cool, the hots have hit here too.

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Hiope evfurry thing rolls smoothly once you get to have tha wheelchair appt.

And pawlease don't fall. That is scary.

We are hot here too,and having a storm right now....

Jans Funny Farm said...

We're melting here too. The wheels of health care grind slowly, don't they! Your cable company charged you $70 for a tech to come about your internet problem? Yikes!