September 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Mommy says it is going to be cool a few days (windows open, a/c coolie thing is off now) and then it is going to be warm again. Hard to know how much fur to lose these days!
We are getting closer to when Mommy's check comes, but it still is a ways off. We have a Chewy order I think. And some of Mommy's medical supplies (the only ones we don't pay for--test strips for her intsulins). Anything else would have to wait. Will we ever get a pizza delivered again? Or a sammich? Or will we ever get to try the new salads you can get now from one of the pizza places? Or even get some fresh milk?
They made an announcement today that the police advised us to leave our front doors locked at all times.  Apparently there is someone trying door handles. Now I really wish we could move! Peoples here really don't have that much money laying around. But I bet it is all those pills peoples take.  The bad peoples think there are drugs they can sell.  Blood pressure pills? Intsulin? Whaaat?? I guess bad peoples will do anything to make monies and get what they can for themselves. Well, our door is locked and you can't have my catnip to get high on! Or sell! And Mommy needs her pills and her intsulins!
Too many bad things going on these days. We'll be grateful for our prayers! And for good peoples and anipals on the internets who like to pray too and maybe help others if they can.
Yup, those are some good things that are going on! That is totally a relief!! Since Lizzie left (our poodle neighbor) there aren't any woofies on this floor to bark at strangers!
love ya,


MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Hope things settle down so youcan enjoy all the things fall has to offer, esp the open windows and good sniffs on the breezes.

Deziz World said...

Oh Quinn, in this day and age nowhere is safe. We keep our doors locked all da time and we live in a town with less than a thousand peeps. As for those delivered meals, they sound great. You'll have to have somethin' fur mommy. We haven't had a pizza since sis Lexi's last Meowday. But dat's okay, we's doin' fine cuz mommy makes sure we have purrlenty of pawsum cat foods. One of our neighbors was throwin' out a bag of white stuff da other day cuz they didn't know what it was. Mommy asked ifin she could smell it and found dat it was flour. So she made some flour cakes on da griddle fur herself last night. She added a little water to da flour and made little patties and cooked 'em on da griddle. She said it was food and cuz bread be made of flour it was fillin'. So we's fankful mommy had somethin' to eat. Anyways, glad things are goin' okay fur ya'll. We're sendin' purrayers.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Mr Puddy said...

Still so WARM here ! No clue of winter at all !
Mom said in Bangkok, winter just come three days ( Real feel = Spring )
So me like AC. now =^x^=

Colehaus Cats said...

Sending purrs and prayers that everything settles down, that the handle-checking people get real lives, and that you have a good weekend!