October 12, 2016

Unhappy news

Remember us? Well, crazy things are happening to our computer, first of all. All of a sudden the sound quit working although everything is A-OK when we check plug-ins and stuff. It worked for a few moments and then stopped again.  We have no idea how to fix it. We didn't touch any control except to check to see if it was working.
If there is a wizard out there who can help, PLEASE!
Then there is the major meeting with management on Thursday. Eviction is possible. This is beyond belief.
Mommy's leg is on the mend, however. Hooray!
Oh, and we have to keep all the blinds closed in case of peeping toms. No, seriously. We live up in the air above the trees, but the thing is they are doing some stuff on the outside of the building for about the next month.
Well, you know I can nose aside the blinds and look out anyway, so no problems with me.
Mommy has got to go to this meeting Thursday by herself, so please send encouragement.  She has to defend our "clutter" and the books Mommy has. Not every tabletop or desktop can be totally empty. They are insisting they can be. Mommy has already purged a bunch of stuff over the years, but cannot live with "declutter", Meaning nothing. Can you? Even my TicklePickle is clutter! And so are bookcases filled nicely with books (hey, Mommy was once upon a time not only an English major, but a library science minor). Most of her books have to do with her religion, literary criticism, history or classic books from both American literature and English literature. Does she read a book more than once? YES! Why should she throw it away?
If we have to move we have nowhere to go. I will lose Mommy and she will be homeless. Not good with winter coming to Minnesota.
We are totally stressed out and apologize about our absence. Please send prayers and good thoughts.
Thank you!
Love ya all.


The Daily Pip said...

I hope things go well on Thursday. Sending lots of good wishes and support.

Rene said...

We wish we could help you with your computer, but we know so little about Windows machines. :-( WHAT you can be evicted?? We hope that does not happen! Sending lots of prayers.

Deziz World said...

Well furst we're sendin' purrayers. Now, You can't be evicted fur clutter. It's too late to have a lawyer at da meetin' cuz it's tomorrow, but you should have mommy call legal aid. They purrvide legal assistance fur furee fur those dat can't afford it. Every state has this. You have a catputer so you need to look up da landlord tenant act fur your state and have da legal definitions of cleanliness and such on hand. So long as emergency purrsonel can safely get to your mommy with a gurney, you are considered clean. Now da books and such they could claim as a fire hazard but, ifin they're on a bookshelf and not just strewn 'bout, then they are no more a fire hazard than anythin' else. Anyways, clutter isn't a legal or legit reason fur eviction. Non payment of rent or criminal activity are generally da only reasons courts will allow eviction fur elderly or disabled. And by da way, housing will put up da elderly or disabled ASAP ifin they are homeless. Purriority is given to them and chldren.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

da tabbies o trout towne said...

quinn...we iz troo lee sorree ....when it rainz it pourz for sure...

tell yur mom ta click de start button on de pea cee and look for "sounds"...device sounds....stuff like that; it may be sum thingz funkee that way in sted oh de speekerz N cordz....

we due knot haza pea cee at home; just de one at de food servizz gurlz werk.... and itz been upgraded ta 10 by de internetz peepulz that werk with de food gurl ....sew herz runnin off memoree with R suggestshun


Mickey's Musings said...

They think your place is messy??????
That's crazy. We certainly do not think books are messy.
We do not thing cats are messy either!
It is so sad that people can be so mean.
We send BIG purrs and hope they come to their senses!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Anonymous said...

God is bigger than any old committee that will try and evict you. God also arranged for the two of you to be together so he will keep you together. Get whatever help you can and hang in there. It's ridiculous for them to think books are clutter. Be sure to let us know what happens.
Hugs from Hemingway, Steinbeck and Pam