April 29, 2017

Saturday, as Mommy's Day approaches

😉What a week! We are sooooo in need of nappy time.  I actually---oh, remember I got a nice little cat tree (not too tall, I like being a jungle kitty!) from sweet friends some time ago? Well, I finally decided the little cubby hole on the bottom was a nice comfy place to curl up and be right by mommy in the living room. So I have a new comfy corner and if mommy doesn't see me sometimes, I can nap and she can't bug me but we can still be close.
We are going to have to adjust our budget yet again, because we have our air conditioner summer charges coming up. Minnesota DOES get hot in summer.
We have groceries coming today. And Chewy on Monday. Now we are very poor again.
 We have a new roach inspection Wednesday with that nasty bug guy. But we spent time with our cleaning friend this last Wednesday cleaning cupboards and scaring out a couple of our unfriendly bug visitors. So we consider the visit worthwhile. Scary, though. And we once again have a major inspection coming up.
Mommy finally found a comfortable and inexpensive watch! No more searching around for the time! It has a big "face" and the band is comfortable, it's a brand she's been wearing for years, And it was at Amazon. Now that took her less than half a nap to open the box it came in, adjust the time and put it on her wrist!
She accidentally dropped her flip phone and drowned it and is getting a replacement (government free phone). Well, we have it but can't use it because she doesn't know how to use a smart phone! If anyone can help, PLEASE! Seriously! Two days and counting I have been putting up with her!
Ah, windows open, cool breezes, expectations of snow fall. Spring Life in Minnesota.
Please have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
Love ya,
QUINNIE and Carol
can someone help me figure out how to get a pressie for Mommy's Day? I would love to get her something special.
Someone to help her make her Smart Phone dumb enough to handle???? That'd work!!


Deziz World said...

Glad you're enjoyin' your cat tree and have found da cubby comfy. We luv nappin' in our cubby every once in a while. There's nuffin' better than bein' able to watch all da goin's on without bein' seen right? We just finished inspections, but alas, a new month is just 'round da corner and with it more inspections. They're never endin'. MOL As fur Mother's day, altho' we'd luv to get mommy somethin' special, she says we're all she needs. So we give her lots of extra cuddles and luv. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Mickey's Musings said...

It is good to hear from you Quinn.
WE like that you have a little cubby to hide in when you want :)
We purr the nasty bug man keeps his mouth shut and just does his job.
Mothers's Day you say...hmmmmmm...
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Petcretary still doesn't have a smart phone...MOL! Hello good bye is enough fur her:)

We like to hide/napping our cubbies too sometimes.

Hope that bug man isn't too much of a nasty this visit.

Happy Early Mother's Day. Just give her lots of cuddles and headbonks with your loudest purrs! At least yours will be home, ours has to go to work...sigh...