December 19, 2017

Tuxie Tuesday

I got my first Holiday pressie. I GOT A NEW BOLT AND IT EVEN CAME WITH COFFEE FOR Mommy! And good batteries!!!!

Mommy you only have $300 overdrafts and now that your wheelchair is sort of broken, life goes on anyway.
If some more peoples will help us, we would be able to catch up with our bills and stay housed. and did you know Mommy has a go fund me page for a new electric wheel chair? Paypal for mostly me and a go fund me page for Mommy's wheelchair. The manual wheel chair place promised delivery last Friday and didn't show up, and said they would call back Monday then they said the reason it fell  apart was Mommy. And they didn't even do anything about the seat cushion And because the wheelchair flipped and hurt her. And they need another  prescription before they did anything anyway, and Mommy's doctor would have to give correct measurements. Well, they didn't measure us at the manual wheelchair place before we got this one either,
Ah, guys, Doctors are not mechanics,  isn't that a wheelchair peoples thing? Mommy missed  a Christmas party in our building already because of the wheelchair.
Oh, yeah they said they would try to deliver Wednesday. Well, Mommy has a special test scheduled for Wednesday for her heart and Mommy thinks that is more important than a maybe delivery.
And it is ChristmasTime.
So the Wheelchair company says Mommy should stop swearing (is this fair after a lot of calls about different things concerning the chair) which is something she rarely does and was not helped and was very upset.
I don't have a Chewey food delivery til Wednesday, either.
Mommy says I have been so sweet to her, coming and curling  up on her lap. Hey, I AM her nursie! I'll give laps and biscuits if that makes her feel better!!!!!!!!
Wishing for some help for Christmas, we hope none of you are going through what we are.
We will  be going to the doctor for something called the "echo" on Wednesday and the cardiac nurse on Thursday and she has other problems she is going to start taking care of again.
We wish we had a better place to live, food to eat, medicines for Mommy and  they are important gifts we really want. I do have my Bolt!!!!
Mommy and I will be back before Santa comes. Well, Santa usually skips us.
Thank you for my new BOLT friend.  I missed the old one soooo much.
For the uninformed, that is my red dot.
Oh, one other nice things happening to others? One of Mommy's relatives recently adopted an older woofie with only three legs that nobody wanted. Sweet!!!!! Go rescuers!!!!!!!
love ya!
Quinnie Makayla


Deziz World said...

We're glad you got a bolt Quinn. And we're glad your mommy got some coffee. Mommy luvs her coffee too. Sorry ya'll are havin' troubles with da wheelchair. We still don't have any news 'bout when we'll be gettin' another one either. Mommy's all black and blue from fallin' and crawlin' all over da floor. But, it's okay, God knows our needs and He'll purrvide somehow. Sorry, but your mommy shouldn't curse at anypawdy, 'specially da wheelchair peeps. They can turn and not be very helpful. It isn't right, but they can do dat. While doctors may not be mechanics, they are required by insurance companies to do some things to order a wheelchair, and measurements and purrscriptions are among them. Purrhaps the lack of measurements is the reason your mommy was thrown. Altho' mommy's been thrown befur and she was measured purrfectly. Things happen. Mommy fell just the other day and cut her leg up really bad. It's not anypawdy's fault, bad things just happen sometimes. We're sendin' purrayers and big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Jans Funny Farm said...

It sounds as if your mom's life is hard, except for you, Quinn. We are hopeful things will get better for her! Sending hugs and nose taps.

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Purring that soon your wheelchair will arrive. And that better times will arrive also. You are a good nursie kitty, Quinn.