May 1, 2007

Hey, it's ME

Happy May!

Mama is working hard this week, and I am napping a lot. Yesterday it rained a little, and last night you could hear thunder, but it was sunny and nice today! I needed some scritchies early this morning, and i woke her up. Not happy about being woke up early, but she did nice scritchies. I also demanded that she turn on the computer when she got home and do some more scritchies and let me update this.

So, there. That's the news. Haven't caught up on bills yet, but I think mama is working on it with a little help from friends (including YOU).

More scritchies, mom!

Love, headbumpies and purrayers for those in need, and a special smooch for my sweet Sugar Pie!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Ooo, you hadded hamm pizza and gots early skritches and gots to update yoor bloggie! Is yoor mom looking fur a place dat will gif yoo a better vue? Cuz dat wood be awesum.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

mmmm chin scritchies. the early morning ones are the best when the mommy is half asleep. i do that sometimes too. i'm glad she didn't get mad at you sugar pie.
i hope all the help people are giving are making your mommy less worried. headbutts and nuzzles to you. take care dear heart. your sweetie, hendrix.