April 29, 2007

My Surprise

Oh, sorry we haven't been on line the last few days. But I do have to tell you about my surprise. Friday night one of the cat bloggers sent us a pizza. THANK YOU! Mama brought the box inside the partment and opened it, AND LET ME SHOVE MY FACE INTO IT! OOOOh. HAMM!! My own pizza. Course, I don't really like the sauce much and the cheese makes me sick, but she let me have as much of the hamm as I wanted, and I let her have the pineapple and cheese and sauce and crust. But, Oooh. It was soooo good. She didn't say bad kitty when I got into the pizza myself, even. It was really mine! And we had left overs the next day and everything. And she saved some of the hamm pizza for today, too. OOOOh. Course I had a little of the cheese, but not enough to make me sick. Mama watches out for me.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It was soo nice. We had a party all by ourselves with it. Three times!

Yesterday we just didn't get on line ( I was soooo stuffed with hamm....) And today my mama went to meet a friend this afternoon. So finally I get to catch up.

What a wonderful weekend! Mama goes back to work tomorrow, but I have my visions of hamm pizza, and my memories of hamm pizza and soo much gratitude!

Simple things mean the most. Love, encouragement, purrayers, scritchies, HAMM!

To the Cat Blogosphere Friends,
We love you,


Mungo N Teazer said...

Weez so happy you enjoyed your surprise. Momma wasn't sure if a large was gonna be too much food, but it sounds like it was just perfect!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Wowie!! That is the most amazing thing I've ever heard. Your very own pizza, with hammmmmmmm.....
Your mommy was so sweet to let you into your own pizza. You both certainly deserve a wonderful treat like that.
Take care dear Sugar Pie. I hope you have lotsa sunbeams to nap in tomorrow and many dreams of hammmm.

Max said...


Parker said...

HAM! HAM! HAM! That was a wonderful surprise!