October 13, 2007

Hey, Guess What

I gotted an award from Missy Blue Eyes (of KC and Missy):

So, thank you Missy, and I am passing this award on to Missy at the Adventures of the M's, all the cats at the Big Piney Woods, Darling Millie, Parker at Perfectly Parker, and, well, I have to give it to my special sweet, Mr. Hendrix. Just have to. And all the Pink Ladies... consider yourselves sweet, too!



Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Oh, thank you, and concatulations on all your Momma's good news.


Tara said...

Oh Brandi, you are so deserving of the award! And how neat to pass it on to all the pink ladies!


Henry Helton said...

Great, great award! Congratulations.

Parker said...

Thanks Brandi - I think you are sweet too!

Boy said...

Concatuwations sweet Bwandi!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh goodie! thank you so much sweetie. i love this award. it is sweet like you. *blush*
i can't wait until your party!