October 9, 2007

Tuesday is COLD

Mama said there was a note on the outside doors of our building this morning. "Warning, high winds. Make sure the door shuts." It was also very cold out. Low 50's. And now it is high 40's. Brrr. When mama camed home today she gave me some Stinky Goodness (chicken) and then when she made dinner, she gave me tunie juice! Yummm. And tonight I played with my Nip Ravioli thing in the middle of the floor. Mama was making fun of me, but couldn't get the camera out quick enough. I wiggled and squirmed and moved around till I was in the other room. Ha Ha!

I am soo spoiled. ::sigh::

Sorry you all have to wait about the surprise. But you do.

Mama has to go to the doctor again tomorrow for her toe. She is getting a ride, otherwise it would be three different busses there and three back. Yuck.

So, that's Tuesday. Oh, and she camed home with a red thing on her arm. A big red bandaid cause she gaved her blood today. She says think about giving blood, you beans. You can help save so many lives and it only costs you a little bit of your time.

And oh, yes. She told a nice lady on the bus about the Cat Blogosphere. She showed my mama a picture of her kitty. Dressed for Halloween. Think she would fit in? I do to.

Love, and keep warm,


The Fluffy Tribe said...

Mom always tells people about the catbloggin sphere, some people just look at her funny and she just laughs ~the Fluffy Tribe

Boy said...

Surpwise surpwise! I can't wait to know what it is! Gosh...suspense...

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Hi Brandi! It really is cold isn't it? And after being so H-O-T just a few days ago!!!
Glad to hear you can still play like a kitten, dear lady!

Henry Helton said...

Wow, it really is cold where you are!