January 4, 2008

Hello Again!

On the holiday mama wented away in the afternoon. Then she wented away part of the evening. Hmmm. At least I have her this weekend. And she did buy me some crunchies when she wented away.

She said last night the bus was in the wrong lane to turn and a policeman made him go around the block the other way. She also wented to the library last night, and we have new books.

Next week she has to go to class again. She said it has been interesting NOT going to class, and working on stuff in her area.

That's a short update on what's been going on.

take care, everyone,


Kaz's Cats said...


We hope you're snuggling lots with your mom when she's home - the little button with the temperature was only showing 28 degrees Fahrenheit when we visited - that's just way too cold for human or cat! Hope your mom's classes go okay and don't take her away from you too much,

Purrs & headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha

Boy said...

Your Mama's getting weawwy busy!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Oh has a great new years you two ~the FLuffy Tribe

Sassy Cat said...

I bet your mom enjoyed not being at school for awhile. It is nice to have time off during the holidays. That bus driver must need more lessons, wonder who taught him/her to drive. Sometimes it can get lonely when the moms aren't home but then again sometimes it is nice to just have peace and quiet to rest up.