January 6, 2008

Weekend Update

Oh, the purrrfect weekend! Mama and I curled up a LOT, and she gave me lots of scritchies. Head scritchies, chin scritchies, and the middle of the back itchy place that you can't get to scritchies.


Only she has to go back to work tomorrow.



Monkee said...

Scritches are good. Oh they are very good. Like you, I love it when Mom is home and can devote lots of attention to me.

MoMo said...

Hi Brandi, haven't seen you around much. Good to see that all is well. Come visit!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh, that sounds wonderful. I love that spot that itches and I can't scratch getting rubbed. And snuggles with mommy of course. I'm so glad you had a happy weekend (and have yummy crunchies!!)

Have a lovely week sweetie. I'll telyport over if you get lonely.

Sunny's Mommy said...

That's great you had a purrfect weekend with your Mama! We had a good weekend, too. We really like the weekends in our household ;-)