April 2, 2008

Living in Exile

We can't access Blogger OR paypal from our regular server. I think it's gotta be the old computer we have. It did get a little banged up when we moved. Anyway, we are using Internet Explorer tonight. We can't sign in otherwise. Blaaagggh.

Mama is mailing off my check for Fraxie's new little sibling. Paypal hsn't worked for us for days, and, well, we haven't been able to comment on any blogs (if we emailed you, that is why) either.

Now, we can't even sign in to Blogger unless we use this server thing.

Now, the better, no, GREAT news:

Mama is no longer on probation for her jobbie. She is a regular employee. Yea!

It happened today at work.

Now, let's see if I can put a picture on here. My sweetie, Mr. Hendrix, gave me this cool award thing. He thinks I'm hip!

And I would like to pass it on to Beau (he's such a cool southern gentleman), KC (she is soo spunky), and Sanjee (everyone think's she is cool), and just because my sweetie did it (there's supposed to be only three) I will let Fraxie name one: Millie!

Wow. It worked. Hope everycat is doing okay. And my sweetie is NOT a sausage.




jane said...

Congratulations to your Mama, Brandi. I'm so pleased that she has passed her probation and finally is secure in her job. Well Done :)

Moki said...

Hi Brandi,

Congradulations on your award, and better yet, your momma bena becoming a regular employee at work!

Derby said...

Yay for the mom not being on probation. Bummer that the puter isn't working right for you.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Hi Brandi! Long time, no visit huh?
Congrats to your momma and scritches to you too.

Black Cat said...

Congratulations to your Mama on being confirmed in her job and to you on your award! I think it may be that you need a new 'pooter:) xxx

ML said...

KC said...
Wow, i's on overload on good noos.
Tha Award is too cool, fanks so much, Brandi...
and yours Mommie is a regular employee! Wow Wow Wow! That calls for a hamm pizza, doesn't it????
Love & Purrs, KC

pee ess: Mr. Hendrix is dapper and dashing and charming and lots of good fings (including a life-saving reepurrter), but he is NOT a sausage.