June 17, 2008

I'm Baaaaack

Gotta watch those Squillions! They take over sometimes! The third kitty is actually a mommy's day card that my Sugar Pie sent my mama. We think she is cute, so she is sticking around and I think she wants to stay!

My mama is going in on July 1 for cat r axe surgery. Now, what does a cat have to do with an axe or my mama's eye?? Beans are sure funny some times.

Now as for new pictures, we are having technical problems. We had to uninstall our photo thing cause it kept saying that it was sick. When we reinstalled it it still said it was sick. It's out of date (old) so it doesn't connect with the help thing on the internets. Maybe that's why it is sick. Anyway, if we can figure it out, there are a couple of new pictures in the camera (mama cheated and snuck up on me).

Mama is taking July 1 off for her surgery, and then the rest of the week off. Then she is going back to work the next week. Tomorrow she will be home late cause they have to measure her eyeballs or something.

That's the noos, as the Mighty Tough Tortie KC would say.



THE ZOO said...

we hope all goes well wiff yur moms serjury and she gets better quickly. take care of yur momma Brandi, Maxie and Fraxie

meemsnyc said...

We hope your mom's surgery goes well. We are sending well wishes.

Riley & Tiki said...

We are purring that your mama's surgery goes well and she recovers quickly.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie. My beans will be out of town July 3 - 6th so I can come help you take care of your mommy if you want. It is funny she is having a cat's surgery on her eye.

We will send her many many healing purrs and prayers.

PS we're glad you like the card! I hoped you would.

Katie & Da Katz said...

How is your Mawmeez eye doin??

We hurd she waz gonna haf surguree.

bout dem camera thingees.. Mawmees been usin a "throw away" camera frum Walgreen's cuz if she defelopps it dehr.. the next roll of film is free. She jus gets dem to make a CD and dat goes inta compooter wifout gettin sick and stuff.

Dat mite be an idea whiles you try to fix da photo thing.

Get well soon, Brandi's Mawmee!

Katie Ann Kitty Too.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Dear Brandi! I just heard that your mommy is going to have her broken I's fixed. That will be super because then she will see how beautiful you really are and give you even more love and treats!
Wishing all to go well for your bean and for you too.
Love Miss Peach

Moki said...

Hi Brandi,

Please tell your momma bean that we will be purring for her and her pending surgery!!!

Praline said...

Hope things go well with your mom's eye surgery. My mom is having foot surgery on Friday, June 20.