August 9, 2008

Hi, Again on a Sleepy Saturday

Mama was all tired out from the week, so we snuggles and nappies and stuff today. Sorry we have not been catching up with stuff here, but between her jobbie and me taking care of my Sugar Pie, we been BUSY!

Oh, and speaking of my sweetie, I am going to probebly embarrass him, but I think this is a cute kitty picture (isn't he a cutie?):
Other than that, I am still drinking my bottled water, but I have caught mama using regular kitchen water in my dish! Well, it is NOT the nasty smelly yucky tasting stuff any more, but, hey, I'm worth bottled water! Well, it was only once, anyway.

I have a kitty with a crush on me. So for him, and specially my Sugar Pie, here:

love to all, a kiss for my sweet dashing Sugar Pie,



jane said...

That's a very sweet picture of you on the chair Brandi, you look so shiny and well. The bottled water must be good.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Your sweetie is definitely a hottie! Who is that mancat who has a crush on you? I don't recognize him.

Quasi said...

I like it when the humans put an ice cube in my bottled water. By the way, they drink tap water so I can have the good stuff.