August 31, 2008

Sunday Sweet Sunday

Pardon me, all. I've been spending lots of time today staring at my sweetie's Monty Q contest picture:
He gets hansomer every time I look at him.... **blush**


and the bff awards card gets passed to five ladycat bloggers: the Big Piney Woods Cats(ok, I know they are a full house, but they all deserve it), KC (our Spunky Tortie Reporter), Pandora (in memory of), Sweet Ariel, and Parker. And five mancats (cause I said so): Edsel, Max, Buddah (just cause they were here firstest when we started reading blogs, and their moms are super special), Skeezits (for his helpful computer answers, and for being the best party thrower), and new baby Milo (for being cute).

1 comment:

Max said...

Well, I'm not gonna agree that Hendrix is handsome, cause that would be weird... ;)

I'm honored for the bff award! Do I have to tell Buddah? =sigh= I'll tell him...