December 20, 2010

And Again

Yup. Snow storm. Mama cancelled her bean vet pointment for tomorrow. I am snuggling in, by, on, and around my blankie.  Not that it's that cold.  The temp is 21 F out. A lot warmer than it's been.  But it feels like the best thing to do on a snowy day, nap in, by, on and around cozy things.
It's almost here.  Santy Claws is coming! Chrissymouse!
And mama is staying home ALL WEEK.  And Chrissymouse Eve I think Traci is coming over!  And we're having Turkey Leg again. And pressies!!
I can't wait, can you?
Last night we listened to a pretty concert on the television. They had lots of  singing beans in long robes and a guy waving his arms at them, and lots of beans playing music. I kept looking at mama and trying to say that it was pretty, but she was watching the beans really hard.
The Sugar Plum Fairies are coming out to play at our home.  Any time now.


Katnip Lounge said...

We've been watching your weather today, Mommy is gonna watch the Bears and the Vikings tonight!

Kea said...

Turkey and presents are wonderful and yes, we're having both!

A very Merry Christmas to you and your mom, Brandi. Have a wonderful holiday!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Snuggling is da best way to spend deze cold winter days...and nights. Effury time dat weather guy on tv mentions snow mommy growls! It's funny, but she does growl purrty good.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Stay warm!



carmela said...

Keep yourself warm Brandi so that you'll have a very nice relaxing moment there and enjoy the Christmas season.

You know I love this website for Ragdoll cat owners, it's called

They have plenty of stuff there that might also be of interest to you while waiting for Santa Claws and Chrissymouse.

Merry meowww Christmas to you!

Sammy and Andy said...

YAY that your mom will be home all week!!!!!!!!!! We purr that you will get to do a lot of snuggling with her to keep you both warm.

Meowza!!!!!!!! We have a Traci, also.....and it's spelled the same way!!! Traci is our boys, mama, Traci and mama's two youngest grandbeans
all live together.


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

How wonderful to have your Mommy home to snuggle with!!! We hope you have the merriest and happiest of holidays!