December 4, 2010


We had eight inches of snow! And now we have the ccccold.  Boy am I glad I have a nice warm home and blankies and mama to cuddle with!
We watched a couple of nice movies together today, and mama has been catching up on Eastenders.
Mama has to go out on Tuesday to the clinic again (three  busses) and it's going to be vverry ccccold. This is Minnesnowta, so she knows how to dress warm. She had to buy new boots for this winter, and she says they are very comfy and warm.  But I bet she stops off down in the lobby at the hot drink machine and comes up with some hot cocoa when she gets home late Tuesday afternoon!
Tracy was here yesterday, right before it started really snowing hard, and she went home before it got too bad.  Lucky she doesn't live too far away. One of mama's sisters called to say hi, yesterday, and said that the snow hadn't started at her house.  She lives farther north in Minnesota out in the country.  They get snowed in all the time.  I wonder how Molly is going to like walking in the snow this year.  Molly is their dachshund woofie. Wonder if they shovel just for her walkies? Or is she like Khyra, and loves the snow? Now Khyra would have lots of fun here! But Molly is a lot shorter.
Mama is reading a history of a baseball player named Hank Aaron which she is reading on the computer.  It's downloaded from our library, and it goes back on the computer when she's done reading it.  It is really a cool setup they have, borrowing books on line.  But I wish mama had a NookBook.  Then I could curl up on her lap when she's reading.  **sigh** Now she has to sit at the computer and read.
That's about all that's going on. The crock pot was out with nice smells, and the laundry is getting caught up.  Nothing much else.
Oh, one of the animal shelters south of here is closing down because they have run out of funding at the end of the year.  We heard on the news tonight that they had 35 doptions today, and any furry animals left at the end of the year would be placed in other shelters and foster homes. NOT PUT TO SLEEP!
Good news, right? Yea!
Nice thought to end this with,


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...



Stay warm and help keep your mama warm too!


Katnip Lounge said...

Eight inches of snow is a LOT!
We are happy to hear about the animal shelter placing all their furries...too many places don't do the right thing.

Sammy and Andy said...

BRRRRRRRRRRR....we have never seen snow and can't really understand it.....if it gets too much for you, come on down and stay with us until Spring.


Amy said...

I wish I could have 8 inches of snow, or at least enough to close my work!! lol

Oskar said...

I don't like snow, yucky!

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Nubbin wiggles,

Mr. Hendrix said...

wowee! That is a lot of snow. Almost as tall as Joel is.

Snow, rain, cold, I'm not bothered much by it because like you I'm lucky to be inside a nice warm forever home all snuggled up. I do miss sunbeams tho.

We are very happy that the animal shelter found space for those animals. We purr and pray every night for the beans and furries who have no shelter and heat. purrrrrrs

(((hugs to your mommy and you))) I wish my mommy would get the crock pot going...and share...

Rene said...

We had snow too, but only about 4". We wish your mama had a Nook too. We'd like one, but sigh, some other expense always comes up. :-(


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