April 13, 2011

Hello Again

Mama wented to the bean vet today about her leg. She still hurties, but it is not broke.  It still is infected though.
We cuddled for a couple hours this afternoon.
She goes to another doctor Friday, but I PROMISE it has nothing to do  with me.  It's about her toofies. So there.
Tomorrow night she is showing the Blues Brothers at movie night. They don't show a lot of new movies cause of all the older people who live here. But once in a while they do. They showed the newer version of True Grit. And the movie Red. So far. 
Tracie is coming to see us on Saturday. Yea!
That's what's happening.  You are all caught up.
Oh, yeah.  They said something about snow again but I think they are lies.
Rain to make the flowers grow and the grass get green. NOT SNOW!


meowmeowmans said...

We are sending purrs and prayers for your mom when she goes to get her teefs checked. The Blues Brothers is a fun movie ... we bet people will really enjoy movie night tomorrow. :)

Just say no to the snow!

♥Da fambly kitties♥ said...

We are sendin' get betters thoughts fur youz momma an' our momma wants ta say dat your momma has some good taste in da movies!

Everycat said...

We will send more knee mending purrs for your Mama Brandi. The Blues Brothers should cheer everyone up and make them forget crazy weather forecasts for snow!

We have some spare sunshine today in the UK, we will mail it to you and your Mama.

Whicky Wuudler