April 2, 2011

I hurtied mama

Yesterday I kinda peed outside the box.  And when mama walked by the litterbox she fell. And so mama got hurtied.
I am sorry, mama. Really I am. 
She hurtied her knee and her foot and her ankle and fell in my pee.  Her leg went way back under her and I thought she broked it, but she didn't.
I am sorry, mama. Really I am.
She was very upset. Specially since when she tried to get up she fell again.
Traci camed over and she helped mama clean everything up.
But mama really hurtied.
She took some pain pills and slept a lot. She also iced her knee. And now she limps.
I am sorry, mama.  Really I am.
And thank you for giving me my denties anyway.
I gotta be really nice for a while.


Furkidsmom said...

Yes, you need to be really nice for a LONG while! Sometimes we do that but our box isn't anywhere that Mom walks. Good thing 'cause she would probably end up like your Mom.

Purrs to your Mom.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Katnip Lounge said...

Uh oh! We will purr fot your Mama, and for you to have better "aim" next time!

OKcats said...

Oh poor sweet Brandi. We know you didn't mean to hurt your mom. When we get old, accidents do happen. It's just unfortunate what happened afterwards. We will send purrs for you and your Mama.

Qish and Rue said...

Oh, baby, we hope your momma feels better now! Please be good to her :)

Qish & Rue

Kathie said...

Sweet Brandi we know you would never do anything deliberately to hurt your mommy and we can tell you are really sorry. We hope your mom feels better soon too!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, your poor mom. That had to really hurt. We hope her knee heals quickly and we're glad she forgave you.

Ikaika said...

Oh, owie! I will send lots of healing purrs for you mama, Miss Brandi. You didn't mean to hurt her ... you just had an accident. I am sending you purrs, too.

Roy said...

Brandi, Mommy knows you love her, and you know she loves you. You just make sure you do what's right from now on, and think of Mommy when you do things. She's not as agile as you are and she needs to be protected.

Tina T-P said...

Oh Brandi & Mamma Carol - Owwie - I know the pain of a knee twist well - I'm so sorry to hear about your fall -

You mentioned that Brandi was not feeling well, maybe she has a UTI and that is why she peed outside the box???

Poor Carol - poor Brandi!


Tillie and Georgia said...

Dear Brandi, we are sure your Mama know that you did not mean for this to happen.It is distressing for you .
We send purrs to your Mom so she feels better soon :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia
PeeEss: Mama Carol, I do believe what you said in your last post about being there for our pets. I remember Mickey being there for me all his life, and I was there for him at the end.He was a wonderful friend and I miss him dearly.
Mom Nancy

Everycat said...

We are sending big knee healing rumbly purrs to Mama Carol and some reassuring purrs for you Brandi. Accidents happen and no one is to blame. Your Mama loves you no matter what.

Sometimes we have little pee accidents if the sides of the box is too high if we have a touch of arthritis. A touch of cystitis can cause this too. We hope you have none of these things Brandi.

Whicky Wuudler

Mr. Hendrix said...

purrrrrrrrrrs poor Mama Carol, poor Brandi. We know she has already forgiven you. Accidents happy dear and thay are nothing to get upset over. We are sorry to hear your mommy is hurty and hope she is feeling better already. purrrrrrrrs.

Remember sweetie, your mommy loves you and although you feel you need to be especially nice, she loves you even if you aren't. purrrrrrrrs

Thank you for your nice post on the 31st. It is a good reminder that our beans be here for us and support us as long as we need them to. Even if it is hard for them to do so, it is about making us feel better and safe.


Everycat said...

Just dropped by to see how you and your Mama are doing Brandi? we hope your Mama's knee is improving!

Whickky Wuudler

meowmeowmans said...

We know you didn't do that on purpose, Brandi.

We are sending lots of healing purrs and prayers for your mama...