June 5, 2011

Opinion needed!

Please help my mama make a decision:
Before Noon CDT Tuesday, let us know if she should leave the air thingy on when it is 90 degrees, or open the windows and turn the fans on if she is not going to be here.
Thank you for your opinion. Leave your opinion in the  comments  There is no prize or anything, just my gratitude if you say leave the air on...  She says she should turn it off and conserve energy for the planet.
So please leave your opinion in the comments, like I asked. She is leaving for the after noon on Tuesday and it is supposed to be 90 in the afternoon.
Love, (and please vote for leaving the air on)
P.S. We made it to 97 today! I think the air is staying on!!!!--(Monday)


Katnip Lounge said...

Can you compromise? Leave the air on, say at 80, with a fan to move the air. It actually takes more energy to cool down a house and furnishings than it does to maintain a steady temperature.

Flock O' Fuzzies said...

What our Mommy does is leave the air on but turn it so it's like 78 degrees instead of the normal 72. This way we're nice and cool but she's saving energy.

Willow said...

How hot does your house get because we face the South and in the summer it continues to get hotter in the day even with all the blinds closed. My Mom puts on the air if she is going to be gone since the house gets too hot otherwise. It might be better to have the air on.

Tom said...

I would tend to agree with Katnip Lounge comments. It would make sense that 90 outside with windows open and fans inside would eventually end up getting close to 90 inside and then require more energy to get it cooled down again.

I am also thinking that an older kitty has a harder time dealing with the heat.

t.woodruff said...

Here in OK 90 degrees can be accompanied by high humidity, so that might be a factor also. We mommies want our kitties to be comfortable even if we are not at home! We just set our thermostat a little higher.(For optimum cat-napping).We enjoy reading your blog about beautiful Brandi!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Leave the fan on for sure ~ but maybe turned down a bit. Like a compromise.

Rene said...

I listen to a "save energy, save money" podcast monthly, and this question comes up often. Their opinion is that it's better to run the a/c for a few hours than to leave it on all the time, even at a higher temp.

However, we hope your mom has a fan running to circulate air. Also, when our mom didn't have a/c, she would make cool spots for us by putting ice packs, wrapped in towels, in our carriers.

Celia said...

My air has been on for quite some time now. I can't take the hot!