July 20, 2011

Hot Enough for You?

We are certainly getting tired of beans asking us that! But we are eternally grateful for our nice home now.  This place has the air cooly thingy and we are comfortable.  We used to be miserable in our old place without it. I can't even remember how many fans we had on in the place. One to two in every room! And in the winter, it was blankies all over the place! Not here!
We are feeling very sympathetic to beans in the heat wave who don't have air cooly thingies.  We've been there!
Please remember to tell your beans to drink a lot of water and, hey if your place is hot, ask for a couple ice cubes in your water! And tell them to check on you and on baby beans and elderly beans!
Stay as cool and safe as you can!
Mommy is volunteering tomorrow at the food bank, but it is sort of cool there.
 ps. Today is the anniversary of the first walk on the moon. I think space exploration ends tomorrow.  At least the shuttles are grounded anyway.
Today is also the anniversary of my mommy leaving her house by boat one summer when she was living in Missouri. She said it was pretty bizarre sitting in a boat going by trees in her front yard, and holding on to her woofie. She was young enough to think it was an adventure, but old enough to help clean up after the waters receeded.


Prancer Pie said...

We are glad you are staying cool! It's no fun being too hot.That is a skeery story bout your mom leaving her house by boat. We're glad she made it! Purrs.

Rene said...

Yes, staying cool is important and we're glad you have the cooly thingie. We have central air cooly, but our upstairs is still pretty warm because it can't keep up. That's ok, though, because we have a cool basement too.

Tina T-P said...

We're glad to see that you are doing OK with all the hot weather back there. It only got up to 65 degrees today - maybe you could send some of the heat out here to us - Just a little bit - maybe 5 or 7 degrees.

Have you come by to meet George & Gracie yet? They got to stay outside all by themselves tonight while we went to dinner! They were glad to have us come home - they haven't learned how to use the kitty door yet!

Take care! T.

meowmeowmans said...

It's very hot here, too, Brandi, and you sure gave everbuddy some good advice about staying cool, and checking on pets, baby beans and elderly beans.

Hope you stay cool, too, sweet friend.

Mr. Hendrix said...

We are so glad you're staying cool! It is so hot hot hot. All the beans do is whine about sweating. I say if they stay home and on the sofa petting the kitty they won't sweat! Jeez.

It is very nice your mommy is volunteering. My mommy is collecting diapers, underware and socks for little beans who don't have them.

We are lucky our humans are nice ones. I'm going to go lay on the vent by the fan now. Want to join me? The beans are home so it is OK.