October 6, 2011

Beautiful Indian Summer

Ahhh.  The windows have been open for days.  It is soooo nice out, and of course I love the nice smells from the neighborhood. We broke some record yesterday, cause it was like 88 degrees F out! Yesterday was soo nice. The day before was soo nice.  Tomorrow will be soo nice. Sunbeams EVERY MORNING! You must know how nice that feels on these old bones of mine.
Mama made a tuna casserole and I got some of the tuna and all the tuna juice and some of the mushroom soup she used. Score!
Tonight is movie night, so that will get me a couple of good naps before mama's home to bug love me to pieces and feed me Denties.
She is showing Avatar.
I am making plans to dream about my Sugar Pie....


Ikaika said...

Enjoy your movie night with your Mama, Miss Brandi! I hope that you have some good Denties to go with the movie and your Mama has a good treat, too. (I hope she's gotten the taste out of her mouth by now!)

Prancer Pie said...

Sounds just dreamy! We luf Indian Summer. Enjoy! xoxo

meowmeowmans said...

We are having an Indian Summer here, too, Brandi! Enjoy! :)

Marlene said...

Indian Summer passed us by here in Missouri.