October 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

Lots of people have today off cause it's a holiday in the States.  It's called Columbus Day.  Columbus was supposed to have found the country in 1492 and claimed it for Italy.  Only there were already beans here when he camed, so it wasn't really losted. And mama said since there were other beans who camed here before him, he really didn't find a new country.  It was already here.  But beans still celebrate the day. And Italy doesn't own us.
A nother silly bean thing.
My friend Tracie was here today!  She brought mama a new chair for the puter and tooked our old one away.  It's pretty.  It has a high back and it's the color of....ME.
The windows are still open, but it is looking kind of gloomy out today. It won't be long before they will be closed for the winter. *pout*  Only thing good about winter around here is the sunbeams that come.  But they don't come as strong or as long. *pout*
Better enjoy the windows open as much as possible right now!  Breathe in, breathe in.  Wait.  I gotta breathe out, too.  Rats. Can't save the nice fresh air!
 ps. we are so happy Beau is settling down in his new furrever home.


Prancer Pie said...

We hates the nasty weathers too! Thank goodness we lif much further south than you. Sumtimes we haf nice days in winter. Sending sunshine your way. Purrs.

Marlene said...

Fall is in full swing in Missouri. Can Winter be far behind? Ugh!!