December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve at Last!

Mama spend hours and hours and hours at that party last night.  And didn't bring me a thing back!  And I smelled  roast beast on her.  I know I did! *pout*
She said that they had something called hitches, and it was two hours before they got to eat anything but little pieces of bread. Good thing mama likes bread, I guess.
Then, because she is the projectionist for the movies, they made her one of two "keeper of the keys" at the last council meeting, and the other person wasn't there last night.  So she had to get the microphone out and do the radio. And just when she was going to lock everything up, they said leave the radio on while they cleaned up.  So she had to stay.
See the microphone part of the system is on the right , and the dvd side can also play the radio and cd's is on the left. She hasn't figured how to play the cd's yet (no sound comes out for them) and is sposed to get some actual training someday. So when everything is running, she has to be the one to shut everything off and lock up.
So that meant staying later.  It also means staying later at council meetings, now, where they use the microphone part.
That part wasn't fun last night.  And she didn't even get foodies to take home!
It is wonderful that she is so trustworthy, but it can be a pain.
She brought home a pressie.  It was a little white bear with a little pink pillow that says love.
Bears. Not that she doesn't have zillions of them, and the white ones always freak me out.
Tonight mama's staying home to watch the new year fireworks, and I have been given permission to go to my Sugar Pie's house for a party.
My turn!
Hope you have nice plans for tonight like I do!
Stay safe.  Don't drink too many niptinis.  You might have to put your beans to bed!
And kittens, milk only!!!


Ikaika said...

Have a wonderful time with Mr. Hendrix at the party tonight, Miss Brandi! And a very Happy New Year to you and your Mama ...


ABBY said...

Happy new year

Tober the Cat said...

Happy New Year, Brandi!

Karen said...

happy new year

Tillie and Georgia said...

WE wish you and your Mom a wonderful 2012 :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

Roy said...

The best of the new year to You and Mom. And much more for the years to follow.

Be safe, stay warm and dry, look out for the outside critters. They need warm and dry too, and some good eats.

Everyone be happy and enjoy.