March 30, 2012

Finally Friday

Ooooh, kitties and woofies, yesterday was NOTfun.  Mommy said my feeties and toes and tail were dirty (well, I AM not as agile as I used to be)! So, no, I didn't get a real bath, but the back half did!
The only good thing was the warm fur dryer afterwards. I LOVE that.  And the Denties cause I didn't fuss (well, too much, anyway, specially when the bath was over and the dryer camed on), and then camed pizza for dinner.  Not hamm.  Not sausage. Hamburger. But that was okay. And I gots to eat it! Well, not all of it.  I let mama have some.  She maded it.
The movie she showed last night was Roman Holiday.  Five beans showed up plus several people camed in and out for parts of it.  She didn't have popcorn at the movie, cause the guybean who volunteers to make it was hurted and couldn't come. So some beans didn't stay, cause I think they wanted the popcorn more than the movie.
He is a nice guybean, mama says, and volunteers when things need to be done around here, and helps  with the holiday dinners, and stuff like that, and is going to be representing our building in the parade in our neighborhood this June.  He and his fiance get to be King and Queen of our building and ride in a horse and carriage. Mama said, how romantic.
So today I think Tracy comes over, and then we have the weekend.  Mama has listened to her first audiobook (from the library, on the puter), and has more books checked out, but they are to read.  She didn't let me listen to the audiobook, either.  She putted funny things on her ears and it was very very quiet.  Except when she laughed.
So hopefully it will be a nice weekend, and the windows will be open. And I can smell all those interesting smells. And the sun will give me some sunpuddles. You all, too!
Oh, before I go, I got to tell you what I saw the other day on the birdie TV outside.  It was a really big bird with huge wings, and I could see the underparts and the wings. I don't know what it was, but wow was it huge. Not your normal robin or sparrow or anything like that. Huge. And really close to the window! Splendiferous!
Purrs and purayers and kitty hugs and snuggles for all,


meowmeowmans said...

Whoa, that bird sounds huge and amazing, Brandi! We wonder what it was?

Have fun with Tracy, and have a wonderful weekend with your Mom!

Rene said...

We think the people who didn't want to stay and watch the movie were lame. Sorry about the bath, but ladycats do have an appearance to maintain. :-)

Prancer Pie said...

Sounds like a good weekend is planned. Too bad about the bath, but at least you got treats afterwards. Happy Friday. xoxo

Katie Isabella said...

we lady cats have to keep up appearances. You never know when King Spitty might drop over..xoxox

brandi said...

But I am true to my Sugar Pie. Really. A girl can look, but Sugar Pie is already mine.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Pizza Bones!!!!!!!!


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