March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday.

It's movie night again tonight for mom.  She is showing Breakfast at Tiffany.  Another classic. So my evening will be a long nappie time.
And you know what my mama broughted home yesterday (besides some dumb "her" stuff like a new shower curtain liner)? She broughted home chick-hen and breakfast stuff (read sausage)! So we're on very good terms now.  Nom. This time she camed home with stuff for ME. Well, and her.  I'll share the chick-hen and the sausage.  She has to cook them, any way. I can't even do the microwave.
It has been mostly grey and sunpuddle-less the last couple of days.  So nappie times abound. Well, they do anyway, but it helps to have sunpuddles, right?
Today I am thankful for the chick-hen and the sausage. And my mama. She coulda skipped the shower curtain liner.  They smell funny for a few days.
And oh, yes, I'm thankful for my Sugar Pie.  His puter has been recovering from a bad sickie. And HE has sunpuddles to share!


Nerissa said...

I hope you are enjoying your chicken & sausage. They sound yummy. And I bet you'll have oh-so-much fun sleeping through the movie with your mom. Lots of tummy rubs, I should think.

Rene said...

All right chikkun and sausage!

Prancer Pie said...

You lost us at chick-hen, sweet Brandi. It is our VERY favorite! We is snoozin our way through lots of rain and grey days, too. xoxo